10 Day You Challenge : Eight Fears

It’s Day 3 and here are my 8 Fears

  1. Losing loved ones : I am truly scared of this one and I don’t even want to think or talk about it.
  2. Long distance travel by road : Whenever family and friends travel by road, I am paranoid personified. Till they reach their destination safely, I cannot rest or sleep. Though, I am perfectly ok, when I am travelling with them by road!
  3. Lizards, Cockroaches, Rats… You get the drift!! Any of their creepy brethren in the same room as me, and I can give them heart attack with my shrieks!
  4. Being out of money : I never want to be caught short…
  5. Fast Driving : It really freaks me out. My eyes are forever glued to the speedometer. A lil’ above average speed, and I get anxiety attacks which are followed by verbal attack!
  6. Gruesome, horrifying crimes : That they are happening and could happen to anyone around gives me goose bumps.
  7. Ghosts, black magic etc : Many people enjoy talking or listening about  paranormal stories  and activities… Not me!
  8. Losing the data on my lappy : Long back, my computer crashed and there was no back-up!! God, I was aghast and disgusted with myself for a long long time.

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14 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge : Eight Fears

  1. Every time I come here after a break you have some interesting challenge or the other to offer. First ten on tuesdays and now this. Am tempted to try it out too.

    As for the post, the 1st two points, totally with you. It gives me shivers when I think about it.

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