On This Day…

Jottings of this day… nothing special, just another day, but sharing it just like that or rather to brush off some of the rust from the grey cells, I let my fingers dance on the keyboard to share this day…

  • Went for Aaryan’s Parent Teacher meet. Was told he is very inquisitive, likes to ask a lot of questions and is a very talkative child!!
  • Was all ready to fire the Rajasthan State Electricity Board… Reason?? We got our electricity bill, which had totally wrong meter reading and the worst was that it was a hand written bill!! A gross error!! Thought of speaking to a friend who works with RSEB before we left for their office, but were told that the office remains closed on Saturdays! So the firing session is now postponed to Monday. 
  • 001
    The hand written bill which shows the meter reading to be 8696.
    The actual meter reading is 5135!!
  • Finished reading ‘Before I say Good-Bye’ by Mary Higgins Clark. Very captivating.
  • booksThe laptop table for bed which was ordered from Indiatimes Shopping got delivered today. Am so thrilled to use it! It has a drawer, adjustable table leg height and most importantly the much needed air vents. Recently read that using laptops in bed or keeping them on lap is dangerous and also reduces the laptop life.
  • laptop-tableIt’s Rockstar this evening and of course a dine out!

Rockstar-posterWhat are you doing this weekend. Whatever the plans… Have loads of fun and enjoy!!

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    18 thoughts on “On This Day…

    1. Nice to read about your day.

      I went to see Breaking Dawn 1, the 9 am show, because I like early shows. After that, watched two movies back to back on the dvd. Sharabi (Dev Anand) and Bazar (Sagar Sarhadi).

      Sigh.. thats it.

      It is entries like these that really justify the word ‘blog’. a daily log..

    2. Wow..you make even the mundane activities sound interesting and worth reading.

      Keep them coming.

      And if i am allowed to do a lil tom tomming abt myself, just finished my 100th Blog Post. You have left some comments/feedback on my earlier posts,so just thot of sharing it with you. THANK YOU.

    3. Absolutely true about using laptop in bed. The prop looks quite a nice design. Well, it is pretty cold with a drizzle so no plans of going out. This weekend went in the Sports Day competition held in our Community, loads of fun for all of us :).

    4. yes practise all the things and firing questions for the office .. got the whole of sunday to practise and build up 🙂 he he he he

      Rockstar was I dont know .. saw it in bangalore in those lovely sofas ..

      I got a laptop stand 🙂 as my old acer lappy heated up too fast.. so needed the fan..


    5. Rockstar is a big hit. I have already watched it twice and if I get a chance I would love to watch it once again. It is very emotional story. At the end I cried a lot.

    6. Laptop table looks nice!

      Today is Monday, so did you blast the electricity board for their error? Hope you got the bill rectified.

      How did Rockstar fare for you?Didnt like it much except for Ranbir Kapoor’s brilliant acting and the music.

    7. @ Avdi : Thanks and good to see you here 🙂 Wow…. early morning shows… damn cool and that too back to back… awesome… I’d love to do that sometime too!! 🙂

      Had to do something like this… am on verge of a permanent writer’s block! 😛

      @ Insignia : The ad for this comes in TOI, though, I didnt see this product on indiatimesshoping.com. Even I used it on lap, but then the skin was getting affected and then I read about clogged vents leading to damage of the motherboard… thus the decision to buy this laptop table!
      Rockstar never happened…. SIGH… Housefull! 🙁

      @ Viyoma : Thanks 🙂
      Congratulations on completing the century in our blogosphere. 🙂

      @ Rahul Bhatia : Thanks a lot! 🙂

      @ Anil : Yeah, it’s good to be curious and getting answers 🙂

      RSEB tussle is still going on. Thankfully they agree that it is their mistake, but no solution as of now!

      @ Rachna : Yeah, it looks good and is wonderful to use too! Wow, loads of fun for you too! Cool :))

      @ Bikramjit : Didnt like Rockstar?? Well, we didnt see it either!! 🙁

      How’s the performance of your laptop with the fan now?? Better??

      @ eCBSE : Twice??!! Cool! 🙂

      @ BK Chowla : The ad for this appears in TOI frequently! Rockstar… that makes two of us now!! 🙂

      @ Shilpa : Yes, it is! 🙂

      @ Kavita : Wow, good rules!! But at our place, I am the culprit! 😛

    8. @ Deeps : Thanks 🙂
      They were to call after my meeting with them on Monday… no call as of now… will go again now on coming Monday! 😐
      Our Rockstar plans failed! 🙁

      @ Dee : Glad you enjoyed reading this! 🙂
      No Tickets… no Movie 🙁

      @ The Holy Lama : LOL 😀

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