A Question For You

Would you gift someone  a pack of cigarettes which has the following in bold and shining text??
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14 thoughts on “A Question For You

  1. I wouldn’t gift cigarettes at all…but those words on the box are great…and i wish even more hard hitting slogans comd up…enough to stop addiction 🙁

  2. If you really love the person that smokes, and want that person to live longer, gift the item. Make sure they see the words and tell them that you would rather it didn’t happen, and you would be much happier if they threw the pack away.

  3. Having beena smoker for over forty years with consumption of 40-45 cig a day,Iwouldbe recommend it to any one,irrespective of the printed warning.
    And if smoking was the only killer,Winston Churchill would have died before he was born.
    Still,give up smoking

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