Wordless Wednesday – 67

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12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 67

  1. This brought a tear and nostalgic memories .. reminds me of the day when we used to live in the village and the ladies in the house had to cook like that ..
    no gas
    no electricity and
    kuccha houses .. When we built the pakka house we made sure that the kaccha house was left as it was and it stil lstands strong though mostly it is used for storage now ..

    Amazing pic ..

    The sarson ka saag cooked on the chulha was awesome ..


  2. @ Neha , Shobha : Thanks 🙂

    @ Anil : True… after all nearly 72% of India’s population lives in villages!

    @ Bikramjit : I can relate to your feelings so much, Bikram! In our granny’s Places (both paternal and maternal), it was chulha for a long time!
    Oh yes, Saag cooked slowly over the chulha fire for hours together had a taste which the gas and microwave ovens can’t match, any day!

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