Wordless Wednesday – 69

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 69

  1. @ Kavita : Full marks to you for all the right answers! Indeed these are containers for Saunf and Mishri outside a restaurant on the Delhi-Chandigarh Highway! 🙂

    @ Sujatha : LOL… they are real and for that matter even the guy’s basket has real mishri! :))

    @ Rahul Bhatia : Thanks Mr. Bhatia 🙂

  2. zara dholiya dhol ute daga lain oye
    hath rakh kan ute boli tun pin oye
    FUL khidiya sab de MAN bhaunda….

    is this the haveli one or some other , i just read delhi chandigarh highway ..

    beautiful picture..


  3. @ IHM : Thanks and love your original creative ideas too! 🙂

    @ Bikram : Amen to that!! 🙂
    No, it’s not Haveli… I don’t remember the name of this restaurant, but it’s near Kurukshetra! 🙂

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