Ten on Tuesday – 18

Ten Things about Meeting the First Blogger Friend and JLF…
  1. Whenever, I saw pictures or posts on Blogger meets or Bloggers getting together for an evening or a lunch, a big SIGH would always escape my lips. I would always be thinking… “Mera number kab aayega??”
  2. And today, it finally happened. Yes, mera number aa hi gaya… She is a blogger whom I had met (virtually) during the initial years of my blogging and the one who introduced me to the world of farming, virtual farming, I mean… yeah FarmVille, my favourite game on Facebook.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you, Chicky Kadambari, the author of miss_teerious, the first blogger friend whom I met today, in the real world!!
  4. We were together for more than 3 hours and there was not a single dull moment. We had so much to share with each other, comparing notes on places, work, blogging… and it never felt that we mere meeting for the first time!!
  5. And together we went to a Fest which is the talk of the whole world, yes, The Jaipur Literature Festival or the JLF.
  6. I had been at the JLF last year too and I could see a lot of trivial differences. For instance, this year they made the registration mandatory and gave ID cards to all the attendees. The Puskar tea which was served in kulhars, free of cost last year was sold at Rs. 10 this year!
  7. JLF saw massive crowds this year and today, all the space other than the halls where the literary sessions were in progress, were occupied by school going teenagers. Dressed in school uniforms, mostly in couples and some in groups, the students were busy chatting, eating and drinking and in short having a gala time. I wonder, if any of them participated in any of the sessions.
  8. We briefly listened to Richard Dawkins share his views on “The Selfish Gene”.
  9. There were many book stalls, browsed through many books, but for me it’s only Flipkart, which is my final books shopping destination!
  10. The crowd at JLF is a treat for eyes. Smartly dressed men and most of the women had that ‘arty’ look with Fab India kind of clothes. And the striking thing, I saw so many women with salt and pepper hair!! I simply love that look!

A good friend + great company = wonderful day!!

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27 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – 18

  1. Whoa, so finally you guys met. If only, it was not raining too heavy when you were here, we could have met too! Soon enough I guess.

    JLF got mixed reviews in my group – some really liked it and some didn’t.

    • Yeah, finally, it happened! 🙂
      Yes, the rains played spoilsport last time… next time, pucca se we will catch up!! 🙂
      JLF, it’s getting bigger and grander, so some dampners would be there too!

  2. A Big Wow! I ‘m so J of you 🙁 Could not even imagine attending the lit fest! I will definitely hit this place if I’m in India! Hope you had an amazing time. Looking forward for more posts about JLF!

  3. 😀 😀 😀
    Have checked my Google Reader at least half-a-dozen times since yesterday evening, waiting for this post! And I knew I would find the “Puskar tea” here! Hehehehe! 😛 But you know something… we forgot to take any pics of us! All that while, your camera was sitting in the car, and we were so busy yakking away that we didn’t even remember to put it to some use!

  4. Wow! That must have been an enjoyable meeting, and going to JLF rocks. I was I was not so far off, and I would have visited that place. You love Farmville, don’t you? 🙂 I had gotten so addicted to it that I had to finally just remove the App. It was tough doing that, but I felt really happy after that :).

    • Yes, Rachna, we sure had a good time together!
      JLF… plan for it next year!! It would be great meeting you top!!!
      FarmVille… I am crazy about it!! I used to play with 4 ids and thankfully have cut down to 1 now, but now FV has created 4 farms on your one farm!! So, the craziness continues! 😛

  5. I am sure JLF must have been fun and an experience.
    Yes, meeting Blogger friends is so wonderful.Recently,I met Bindu–Insignia-and Bikram in Bangalore.We three met each other for the first time,but it was very pleasent.
    Good few hours over a cup of coffee.

  6. So we all envy you for attending JLF .Even I noticed and admired that salt n pepper look on lovely ladies (on Oprah-Barkha NDTV session).I have met few of blogger friends and I know how it feels.Hope we too meet someday very soon .

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