And It’s Tough…

Of, course, we knew that it’s not going to be easy, but never knew that it would be this tough.

Yes, the decision to send Aaryan to a Boarding School is the toughest and the biggest decision that we have taken in our lives, KG and Me….so far!

Though, everybody, who has got to know about this decision has hailed it to be a very good one… best for the child, his learning curve, personality development blah blah and even we decided on this after weighing everything, but there are moments, when the logic fails. And I wonder, if we have made the right decision or was there really a need to take this BIG step!!

When people say, in a few days time, you will get used to the new change in your routine ie being able to find happiness in the daily routine without Aaryan around, I find it a little weird. I understand what they mean by saying this! But the point is that should we be getting used to living without him!!??

Of course, the calendar at the school is such that we can meet him every month and talk to him every weekend and chat with him online sometimes and of course a weekly exchange of letters is mandatory, but still the heart does not understand all this reasoning and logic! It behaves in its own way!

It’s been a tough decision.

It is a tough time for the heart.

But’s it’s also about being tough! Being able to stay strong for each other… and that we shall be!

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23 thoughts on “And It’s Tough…

  1. hmmmm .. you say that but what about him he is all alone , you at least have others in the family with you 🙂

    But saying that from my personal experience I had a ball of a time in hostel in boarding school ..

    he will be fine .. Its you I am getting concerned of now he he he


    • Yeah, you are absolutely right…
      I know, what you mean, a friend, whose both sons are in this Boarding school (BCS), said, “You need to be strong, dont worry about the kid, he is going to love it there!” Fingers crossed! 🙂
      LOL… I will be fine too!! Thanks :))

  2. Touchwood indeed! Loads of hugs and wishes! BTW I really like the school’s mandatory policy of letter-writing..that is so so sweet, shilpa! He will be just fine, you stay strong 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s a good thing… Aaryan has written his first letter from the school, and we are waiting with bated breath to receive it at our end! 🙂
      Thank a lot, Deeps :))

  3. If it tough for you folks , it certainly will be for the boy too. But then kids get used to the change quicker and will fret and get upset only when they have to go back to the boarding after a recess. Soon by when he is into the higher classes he will have grown and then may not be affected .

    It is our selfishness that we in our hearts, though want children to grow up , will also want them to be children and around us.

  4. i know it will go well because i have been studying in boarding school since my 3rd standard. it’s been almost one and half decade. in the beginning it was very difficult for mom and to me too. but after some time we learned to adjust. boarding schools really provide a good experience to children, lot more there to learn there. totally what you have taken is a good decision.

  5. Hugs, Shilpa. I am sure everything will work out for the best – after all, you must have done all the possible analysis before sending him there. Tough, I am sure it is..


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