Aaryan’s first 10-day vacations were scheduled in May end.

We were so very much looking forward to his visit.

We had planned for so many things… a 2 day vacation at a resort, evening outings at his favorite joints… he simply loves the toys which come with Happy Meals at McDonald’s and Pizza’s from Pizza Hut are his super favorites!
Then family and friends get togethers were also on the agenda along with spending quality time with him!

Ten minutes after meeting him, (Yeah, with loads of happy tears, smiles and hugs and kisses), he drops a BIG bombshell.

He has his exams just after the vacations!

And when I saw the schedule and the syllabus, I nearly had a panic attack! 4th June, he has to report back to school and the exams start from 5th June!! And each subject has 3-4 chapters!!

So, all the plans have been quashed! And here we are studying for the exams!

This is something which we had not anticipated and so making the best of the situation is what we are trying to do… but it’s such an AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH feeling!! πŸ™

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18 thoughts on “Aargh!!!!

  1. πŸ™‚ ohhhh ho now that is weird , that was not how the schedule was ever, maybe since my time they have changed the ways .. I guess its hot and all so they want kids to remain indoors studying and now having too much fun

    but not to worry party time can be next time in summer vacations , when will those be or is this is it summer vacation for 10 days , we had it for 10 weeks


  2. A suggestion from my experience.

    If the school is good ( my kids did their schooling from the first std to twelve th in the Laidlaw Memorial School in OOTy) and then you need not fret. We have never coaxed our kids to mug up and be frightened of the examinations. They will if you facilitate. . Make study a pleasant matter not a burden.

    Good luck. Now don’t deny the outing when he has one. I hope you will understand. The school knew that the exams were immediately after the outing. So they had a reason to not announce the outing if they had to.

    • Aaryan is in Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. Oh, he is very cool about his exams, it’s me who is having panic attacks! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for sharing your experience! πŸ™‚
      And yes, the outings are happening too, in the evenings as the days are sooooo hot here… 43-45 degrees C!!

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