Romance in the Compartment!!

I am on my way to Shimla to bring back Aaryan home for his 10 days summer vacations. Am travelling by train, the Garib Rath (Gosh, I hate the name of this train!!) This entire train has only 3rd AC compartments and even the side berths are 3 in number.

I am occupying the lower berth (Seat no. 10), the one near the window. A young Muslim couple is occupying the seats opposite me (Seats no. 8 and 9). Another recently married Punjabi couple is sitting besides me (Seats no. 11 and 12). On the side berths, there is yet another young couple (Seats no. 13 and 14) while the top most side upper berth (Seat no. 15) is occupied by a 16-18 year old boy!

So, in all I have 3 young and recently married couples seated near me! In North India, the newly married women can be easily identified with their bangles (Chura) and heavily embroidered suits!

While I am busy reading Mary Higgins Clark’s All Around the Town, my co-passengers are very busy too.

Busy doing a lot of things!! Their activities are so loud that the gruesome and shocking crime scene in my book is not able to hold my interest.

One couple is playing games on a mobile and they are keeping a tally of score of the winner and the loser!
I am seeing that all three of them are lost in each other. Sweet whispers in the ear which are followed by coy smiles or loud laughter…

All of them are talking so animatedly to each, looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands. The couple on the side berth has gone a step further and the guy is lying with his head in his wife’s lap!!

Soon, it’s time to sleep and the 2 couples near me adjust their seats such that the 2 topmost berths (Seat no. 9 and 12) are occupied by the Punjabi couple and the 2 middle berths (Seat no. 8 and 11) are taken by the Muslim couple. So both the couples are now on the same level as their respective spouses. Both the couples keep chatting for a long time and the ones in the middle berth would occasionally hold hands too, while lying on their respective berths!

Looks like we are pretty comfortable with public display of affection!!

I was more keen to observe the teenage guy who was taking all these scenes in! I was wondering what would be going through his mind!

Another thought hit me, why this kind of behavior is not displayed by couples after a few years of their married life!! Romance takes a backseat by that time??!!

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16 thoughts on “Romance in the Compartment!!

  1. Public dispay is so stupid.
    But,to an extent,did we did it too?
    In case of both the couples,did the wife finally slept with her head on his shoulders???How filmy.

  2. I wish there was an opportunity to watch these same couples 5 or 10 years down the line! Some amusement, eh? Guess we can rename the train to Romance/Honeymoon Rath ;P

  3. married people are more comfortable with each other, and get too many chances to be intimate, so they need not make any PDA.

    Lovely observations Shipa.

  4. lol, I remember once you blogged about a trip that you took in a bus, (volvo I guess?) where you saw a couple who weren’t talking to each other?? Then here you also travelled with couples…. lol what a co-incidence!

  5. //Both the couples keep chatting for a long time and the ones in the middle berth would occasionally hold hands too, while lying on their respective berths!//

    hahahaha how the hell do they do it? :)))

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