The Search… For a New (Tech) Soulmate!!

Few days ago, KG asked me, “Don’t you want a Tab?” Yeah, I know, you are thinking that its like “Aa bail mujhe maar!”

I didn’t answer him then but my mind started working overtime.

Next day, I went to a multi-brand store near our place and did some research! And also some online research courtesy

I had got my last laptop (courtesy KG’s impulsive shopping) in September 2010.

And since the last few months, I was not happy with the performance of my lappy… it was slow… so got it serviced. The service centre guy said that it had dust which weighed a ton!! So, after all that burden removed, it’s performance should have improved! It did, but not much.

Then I even got it reformatted to sort out any other issues! That didn’t help either! Next issue was that it was heating up so much that my skin was affected. So, ordered a laptop table, believing that it would give the air circulation that the machine needed! I guess, that helped a bit, but still the performance was not all that great!! So, next bought a laptop cooler pad, to give the much needed cooling to the over worked machine!
Yes, my laptop is on from morn to night!!

Still, I was not happy!

So, when I went to this store, I asked for the reasons for my Tech Soulmate behaving so erratically! May be the motherboard is creating issues, I was told! Asked about the corrective actions and the the suggestions were not very appealing to me!

Next I checked the tabs… Sony, Blackberry, Samsung, Reliance and iPads! While, they all are so very good for emails, gaming and the various applications are so very cool. It is predominantly for people on the move. I was told that working on Word and Excel for long is not very convenient on these tabs, of course, this varied from person to person.

I looked at the pricing of all the tabs too and found that their prices had dropped from their launch time!

Should it be a New Laptop or a New Tab?? I kept on debating!

And finally, decided on a New Laptop! Since 2005, I have had an IBM, Lenovo and an Acer laptop! Checked out HP, Toshiba, Dell and Sony. KG was pushing me for Macbook. But, somehow I was not convinced especially it’s pricing!

After all the mental hullaballoo, it was Sony Vaio for me!! And I am sooooo happy to have this new machine!! It’s so sleek and so very cool. The keypad is so very smooth, that my fingers are literally dancing on it! And this post is keyed in from my new Tech Soulmate!!

Of course, an iPad is on my wishlist and I’d be having it sometimes so very sooooooon!!

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26 thoughts on “The Search… For a New (Tech) Soulmate!!

    • Yeah, it sure looks smart! :))
      That’s great… life is so much at peace when all the gadgets are working fine… we are so very dependent on the gadgets now-a-days!

  1. Congrats on the new lappy!!!I have Sony Viao and it is a great lappy! Earlier to this I had Dell which was good too! If I had to compare Dell and Sony – Sony took better place, although the video and sound quality is much better in Dell!

  2. Cool! Good purchase! Though personally, I’d take a desktop any day over a laptop, for long usage. But if mobility was a must requisite, then obviously a lappy would be a better choice than a pad. God, it would be so difficult working for hours on such a tiny screen! Well congrats to u girl! What color did u choose? Just the regular black or gray or something else?

    • Ah, can’t do without a laptop… it goes wherever I go!! 😀
      Thanks… this model comes in Black and White. So opted for a White one, coz have had Black and Greys in the past!!

    • Yeah, I am now eyeing a notebook!! I am told Sony Tablet is better than iPad because of very many free android applications. In an iPad, there are very few free apps and most are paid ones!

    • Oh yeah!! He is a Gem!! 😀
      I am told Sony Tablet is better than iPad because of very many free android applications. In an iPad, there are very few free apps and most are paid ones! What do you think about it!!??

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