Through My Lens…

Last month, had to catch Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi Railway Station. Was travelling to Himalayan Village, Sonapani, Near Nanital. Since, I reached a good one hour before the scheduled departure, I decided to explore the Old Delhi Railway Station through my lens.
Here’s what I saw…
Revenues for the Railways… advertising on the trains!
Without them, it would be a harrowing task to climb all those stairs of the overhead bridges!
The parcels lay scattered on the platform.
The hand pulled carts for cargo…
The STD booth! It exists still?? Yes, but it had closed for the day!
This took me down the memory lane… As kids, as soon as we found one, we would ask for the coins from Mom-Dad and rush to check not the weight but the forecast for the day which was mentioned on one side of the ticket.
My fav place on the entire station…
Fruits anyone?? Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Grapes…
There is the Railways Special Aloo Puri too!! Thank God, the food was covered!!
And the time was…
Mera ‘number’ aaya kya??
The man catches a few winks while the wife guards the luggage!
And this one’s classic…
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18 thoughts on “Through My Lens…

    • Aaryan has to go to a weighing machine too wherever he sees one and I just let him go, I know the thrill it gave to us then!! Glad you liked this journey! 🙂

  1. Ah your snaps made me nostalgic! I couldnt help but notice the lady right behind the coolie, covering her nose for the obvious filthy smell which is so much an integral part of the Old Delhi Station 😀

    Ah the book stall, the weighing machine… evoking so many memories!

    • Nah, the station was not smelly, it seems she had some allergy or something. I saw that she took out a fresh wet tissue and in a few minutes, it became reddish brown at various places!! 😐
      yeah, it sure is nostalgic! 🙂

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