Times Haven’t Changed…

Microwave!! A gadget which is now an integral part of almost all kitchens. By all, I mean our friends, neighbours, acquaintances etc!

I remember, some 15 years ago, very few people had microwaves. Whosoever had it then would keep this gadget in the dining room, covered with napkins/mats etc. It was rarely used and if at all it was used, it was used just to warm the cooked food or the sweet-dishes!

In 1999, we had gone to a colleagues’s home for dinner. She had cooked almost everything in the microwave. And I had seen the starters being grilled and a few things roasted too.
That was the first household, where I had seen a microwave being used in that fashion.

When we bought our microwave, we made it a point to cook everything in it. Thanks to the cookbook that we got with our microwave, we started trying out the dishes given in it and followed the instructions religiously. The results were amazing. And today, I don’t have to refer the cook book for microwave cooking, in fact I make even those dishes in this appliance which are not mentioned in my cookery book. It’s all based on the experience of using this gadget.  The food cooks faster, is healthy and less oily/oil free and what a convenience.

So, right from white sauce, aam ka paana, creamy vegetable dip, bread rolls, all vegetables (aloo matar / paneer / brinjals / cauliflower / cabbage / mushrooms etc) I even cook kadhi and rajasthani gatte in my microwave. Have even baked cakes and make rice kheer frequently too.

A few days ago, a lady who runs cookery classes in our neighborhood did a free microwave cooking workshop in our apartment complex. Some 30 ladies attended this workshop, including me. A surprising observation came up… all these women had a microwave in their kitchens, but except me, all of them used it for warming the cooked food or milk for the kids! And the best was, a lady was not sure whether she had a microwave or an OTG at her home!! 😐 And this is despite the fact that almost all the brands of microwaves offer free demo classes and come with complete starter kits with recipe booklets and utensils etc!

I feel, times haven’t changed as far as microwave cooking is concerned. Microwave cooking is so very easy and saves so much of cooking time! Why are we saying no to this ease and convenience in the kitchen!?

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23 thoughts on “Times Haven’t Changed…

  1. I should join their club! I have both micro and conventional oven, and I don’t use both of them! I make puff pastries in conventional, and prepare rice, veggies in micro. And ofcourse to heat the food and make papads!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more and I have seen the same state of affairs as far cooking/ baking in a conventional oven. In India, very few people use ovens and if they do it is on rare occasions to bake basic sponge cakes only.

  3. Totally agree! Microwave is an integral part of my kitchen too! It amazes me to think that not so long ago I never knew such an appliance existed! It was only after I left Delhi that I got to know of it :D.

    • I know, most of us find the traditional style of cooking quick and comfortable and have not explored the benefits of microwave cooking! But once you get hooked on to this style of cooking, you will cook only using a microwave! 🙂

  4. I love the microwave too! I have used to cook everything in it as well, although these days I use my conventional oven more. In India, I used to rely totally on my micro 🙂

    As for people not adapting, you know, a lady here told me that she would have no problems in India, because she hasn’t started using the microwave or the oven in all her years abroad! Apparently ‘traditional cooking’ is what she believed in – modern ideas about saving time and all that is all stuff and nonsense 🙁

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