Wordless Wednesday : 86




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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : 86

  1. It speaks volumes of the state of affairs in Pak.
    Prez zadari has been over ruled by the Army chief.In fact, Sarbjit story was timed well by Pak so as to over shadow the attention indian media was giving to Jundal.That is exactly what happened.We tend to walk into any trap Pak digs for us.Jundal story back seat,Sarabjit story took over.
    When he should,he takes time,When he must use restrain,he doesnt.S m krishna reacted far too fast.

    • Yeah, they say, “Sarabjit claimed that he was a poor farmer who was drunk and had strayed off the border. The security forces had arrested him in an inebriated state, as a case of mistaken identity!”

    • Hmmmm….. they say a life sentence in Pakistan is generally for 14 years, and Sarabjit has spent 22 years spent in jail, so he should be released, as per law! But as per politics…. no idea!! 😐

  2. It was shocking literally…when I imagined if I would have been captured like this and kept away from my family,my country,what would become of me 🙁

    And on the other hand we can only feel sorry,well,at least that’s what we,in general as a country do 🙁

    On a tangent-I always remember Kasab’s case where in he being a proven terrorist we are keeping him safe for 4 years now and spending so much of money…where is the case heading? What is the govt doing about? Why can’t it be open and shut case? What’s stopping the authorities? 🙁

    • Yeah, I wonder if one could remain sane after going through all that hell for sooooo many years!!
      Ah, Kasab is our Royal Guest and nothing wrong will ever be done to him, he will be well protected, taken good care of… while innocent people like Sarbjeet continue to suffer the pain and misery, day after day, year after year!! 😐

  3. “What’s in a name” they say. Now we know! It has changed everything for 2 men, 2 families and the rest of us who still find it hard to believe that such errors can actually happen!

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