A Guest Post on Blogadda!! OMG!!

You know the good news already!!
Yeah, got selected as one of the Premium Bloggers at Blogadda.

And today, my Guest Post on Tough Love is live on Blogadda.
It’s on something which is so very close to my heart!
Check it out and look forward to your feedback, as always!
Cheers 🙂

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27 thoughts on “A Guest Post on Blogadda!! OMG!!

  1. Loved the post. You have lucidly listed down the points in support of sending kids to hostels. Though, it is very hard on the parents but it does end up being a very enriching experience.

    • Glad you liked it, Rachna. We have a friend whose 2 boys are in a Boarding School, and she told us only one thing, “You decide for yourself, whether you’ll be able to cope up. Your child will simply love it there.”
      And it’s exactly what she said. We still struggle at our end, while Aaryan is happy to be there!

    • I am sure Aaryan will emerge stronger, and you will adjust too. I remember staying two years in a PG while doing my MBA. Though I missed my parents, it was the best time in my life :). My hubby has stayed in hostels for many years. I think it is important to let the children take flight and make and learn from their own mistakes. Don’t care about what others think; you just have to be convinced yourself. Take care.

  2. Great post! Landed here through Smita’s blog. You know I have lived in hostels throughout since childhood. Yes, the bond which you develop during boarding school days is incomparable. Despite the blame which everybody put it on my mom that she did it for her job, I am really really thankful to her that she sent me there. As a childyou dont understand it, but when you grow up you realize the difference.
    Now I am a new mom, though as of now I am too scared to leave him alne even for an hour but someday when the time is right I think I am going to take that decision too. Not for me but for him as I know what lies ahead in a life like that.
    Once again loved your post, have shared it with parents on my TL.

    • Hi Kanupriya! Welcome to this space!
      I can’t tell you, how happy I am to know about your experience … it is so heartening to hear such positive feedback from a boarder. Last month, while we were in Aaryan’s dorm and settling a few things, his friend asked him, “For how long you’ll be here?” And pat came his reply, “Till class 12th!!” We were so ‘happy amazed’ at his comfort and confidence in his school!
      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I saw it before I came here, and it was so comforting to see a known name there!! kudos for all the good work! even though i may not comment often, I read every post of urs….u richly deserve to be there! congrats!!!

  4. Congrats Shilpa. Loved the post. Best part is the title.
    I am not sure if I agree or disagree with the idea coz my lil boy is yet to turn one. But I’m sure the time wud fly and I might have to take such decisions very soon. Your post gave me a positive vibe abt boarding schools, as opposed to how they are presented normally.

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