All’s Well…

Last month was an ordeal!

Actually, it started in the last week of June! My parents had to go to Dhanbad for a cousin’s wedding. They boarded the train along with other relatives, a day before the D-day. A few hours of travel and Dad started experiencing a severe stomachache. It was so intense that he was soaked in sweat in the AC compartment. A cousin who is a doctor, was travelling with them,  incidentally had pain killers in her kit. But the medicines didn’t provide any relief. The situation was so grim that there was chaos in the compartment and everybody had a suggestion or two. Then, somebody suggested that the passengers in 2nd AC have this facility of Doctor on Call. So, the TTI was traced and he made a SOS call at Mugalsarai station for the Railway Doctor. The doctor examined Dad and administered some more painkillers and somehow they managed to reach Dhanbad. At Dhanbad, Dad didn’t attend a single wedding function and was just busy with visits to the  Hospital and Diagnostic Centre. The tests revealed a stone in the Gall Bladder. Since, surgery is the only option so, the Docs there, prescribed a few medicines to subside the pain. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief when they returned back home safely.

And since then, we have been visiting one of the best hospital of Jaipur. While the X-ray and Sonography report from Dhanbad clearly mentioned the presence of Gall Bladder stone, none of the X-Ray, Sonography, CT Scan, HIDA test reports confirmed the same here. So, the doctors were in a fix and the pain continued…

Finally, we decided to see the Head of Department (Gastro) of SMS Medical College. Again the same tests were done and one of the report suggested a presence of Gall Bladder stone and then an Endoscopy confirmed it.

At last, the root cause of the pain was known and a surgery to remove the Gall Bladder was suggested.
Without wasting time, Dad went in for the surgery yesterday. Finally, all’s well and he returned back home today.

A month of spending long hours in the hospitals daily has made me realize a few things…

  • One should never ever need to visit a hospital. Period!
  • One should count their blessings and be thankful for them. Seeing the pain and miseries of the patients and their relatives was an humbling experience.
  • Small acts or little things in life do make a big difference… giving a comforting touch or an understanding smile or saying an encouraging word even to strangers can do wonders.
  • Health is the True Wealth.

Heartfelt thanks to all, your prayers and comforting words meant a lot!
Stay Healthy… Stay Blessed!

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34 thoughts on “All’s Well…

  1. Good to know he is doing well now.
    But,I would suggest that everyone must get a medical check up periodically.It helps.
    Thankfully,there was a Dr on board,or else he would have suffered.
    Take care

  2. Good to know ur Dad is well. I too had a tough time with Mum undergoing pain of surgery of a big abcess and subsequent dressings. I guess she ll be ok soon 🙂

  3. All is well that ends well. Can’t agree with you more on your final thoughts on this post. My hubby recently underwent an endoscopy for Kidney stones and I can empathise what you people went through. We take health for granted and it is when things start falling apart do we start taking some steps. But sometimes that’s not enough. I am glad your dad is well and he will soon spring back to normal. we should indeed count all our blessings.

  4. Thank God that ur father is well now. And I totally agree with you on staying away from hospitals.

    I remember going to a Hospital for a annual health check up and when I saw ppl in different stages of sickness, I thanked God for giving good health to me & my known ones.

  5. Wishing good health and happiness to you and your family. God Bless!
    Such experiences do make us think if what we do at the cost of our health is worth it. What we need to do is stop taking health for granted.

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