Live From Sagar Ratna

We, KG and I, are on our way to Delhi. Started from home at 6 in the morning and have reached the mid-way at Behror in exactly 2.5 hours.

KG, as he said a few moments ago is in deep shit. I don’t agree with it though! He is in deep waters may be, yeah I think that sounds better. His right eye is all red and is constantly watering and given the volume of tears that are dropping from his eye, he can soak his feet in tears comfortably! He experiences this 2-3 times in a year. A couple of soothing eye-drops later, he is fine, but today, the water is literally pouring from his eyes. So, we have decided to take a half an hour break at Sagar Ratna for breakfast and rest for KG’s eyes.

This is our breakfast. Sambhar is yummy.
DSC_0356 DSC_0357

Some time back, the Jaipur-Delhi highway (NH-14) was one of the best. With smooth and broad roads, the journey would be a pleasant 4-5 hour drive. But now, with the rains and the construction of the expressway still going at many places, the highway is a pain-way. DSC_0348One has to do pot hole management while driving! At some places, the road is 6 lane and then suddenly it would narrow down to 2 for a few kms and then again 4 lane and then would lead to a single road. And given the traffic sense we follow on the roads, its a stressful time maneuvering from one lane to the other, all the time. I wish, the truck drivers were more disciplined and drove in one lane only so that the rest of the traffic could pass smoothly.

This year, the rain gods have been kind at Rajasthan. So, all you see on both the sides of the highway is greenery. The fields are no longer barren and are full of life.DSC_0353
Bajra crop in one of the fields.
KG feels he has rested enough, so it’s time to log off from here and Delhi here we come!

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36 thoughts on “Live From Sagar Ratna

    • Thanks Anupama!! Yes, Delhi has welcomed us, though we got lost for 30 minutes in looking for our destination! 😀
      Yeah, usually, people think of Rajasthan as the land of camels and sandstorms!! But it is not like that everywhere!!
      I love South Indian food… and Sagar Ratna is pretty good!

  1. Hope he is better now 🙂

    And yes I had heard loads of good things about the Delhi Jaipur Highway sad to know that like other things in India this too is lost

    • That half an hour rest did wonders!! No watering but redness is there. Thanks Smita 🙂
      An Expressway is coming up soon… so all the construction work is going on at various patches… hopefully after it is complete, it will be the best Highway again!

  2. Sagar Ratna logo here deserves endorsement fee.
    I haven’t driven on Jaipur-Delhi highway for sometime now,but,as they tell me this rainy season has done a lot of damage.But,pot holes is a part of our corrupt lives.Every pot hole is a story of orruption

  3. Food looks very yummy.. Road trips are always so much fun but wish the highway condition was much better.. I loooove Jaipur, last year did Delhi-Agra-Jaipur..probably one of the most beautiful cities in India..

    • Food is sure yummy here!
      In fact, Delhi to Jaipur highway was so good! We covered the distance in such a short span of time. Jaipur-Delhi needs to be repaired!
      D-A-J is the golden triangle and is a delight for tourists in terms of food, forts and palaces, monuments, arts and artifacts, culture and people…

  4. Hope KG is fine now.

    Are you moving to Delhi, Shilpa? Please say yes, please please! I’ll definite be in touch when I am there next and we can plan to meet then 🙂

    As for the roadworks on Del-Jai highway, oh yes I got a taste of the bumps and halts while on our way back from Jaipur. It
    took us more than 7 hours to get to Delhi!

    • Thanks Deeps! yes he is good! 🙂
      Nope, we went for a business cum pleasure trip!!
      Ok, lets do this way, when you are in Delhi, let me know, we will plan a trip and definitely meet up!! :))
      7 hours… my god… for a 4-5 hour drive! 😐
      This time around… Jaipur-Delhi was bad but Delhi-jaipur was so a smooth ride!

  5. Only two years I travelled from Delhi to Jaipur. At that time the road was smooth.It was a pleasure driving through that road.It is shocking to know about its present condition. As for Sagar Ratna, the food is no doubt good, but over the years the quality has deteriorated. Only their main outlet at Defence Colony is maintaining its originality.
    Rajasthan food ,especially, Gathe ki Subzi has no match.

    • The rains and the ongoing construction work has created this state of the once most admired highway! Hopefully it would be repaired soon!
      Yes, in many restaurants, the quality of food and service deteriorates with time! Though it should go up with experience!
      Have you tried kair sangri ki subzi? That’s another one from Rajasthan and I love it! 🙂

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