The Stopover : Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash

Facts, fiction and photographs in a book!!

When I read this, the first and foremost thing that popped up in my head was, “Wow! This sure is a novel concept”, but the a moment later, another thought struck me, “Would it be like a catalogue or a coffee table book”?

The doubts were put to rest when I saw the initial pages of the book. The Stopover written by Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash, is the first of its kind Photo Fiction. The Stopover has 4 Stories, in 4 locales brought alive with over 100 Photos shot by Ram.The Stopover

The 4 stories are set in beautiful locations…

  • ‘The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom’ is from Ladakh
  • ‘A Rocking Horse Can Gallop Too’ is set in Channapatna, the land of toys
  • ‘The Sun Shines Forever’ is from the world of Toda tribe in Ooty and
  • ‘I Hear Them Calling’ is set in Chennai.

The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom is a story of Varun who goes to Leh post his break-up with Meghna, to recharge his batteries. He discovers Leh, it’s culture, cuisine and history through his guide cum chauffeur and his 2 friends.

The storyline is captivating but what engrosses you completely are the pictures that go along with the narrative, thereby painting a complete picture in your mind. Some excerpts with pictures from the book…
image“You see those flags? They are prayer flags, which when blown by the wind, are meant to
spread goodwill and compassion everywhere. The colours stand for the five elements, blue for
sky, white for air, red for fire, green for water and yellow for earth,” said Tashi.

image“Hey, let me take the wheel for a while. It would be a pleasure to drive on these winding roads through these vast open spaces. A welcome change from manoeuvring through the chaos of Bangalore roads.”

There are 1-3 pictures per page spread. All the pictures are rich and vibrant which gel well with the storyline. The powerful short stories along with wonderful shots will surely enthral the readers.

The book will be released in October and even before its release has gained a lot of popularity as is evident from its Facebook Page.

The Stopover is a novel concept in the fiction market which is sure to make it big because of its unique and creative presentation along with a wonderful narrative.

Rating : 4/5

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31 thoughts on “The Stopover : Deepa Pinto and Ram Prakash

  1. Tht seems another interesting book. Tell me this – if this is set to release oct how did u manage to lay hands on it… Hmmm??

    N heyy how did u manage this “reply” option in blogger

    • Hi Meena! yeah it sure looks like one interesting book.
      Regarding how I got to know abt it?? Well, the author sent me the first few pages for first impression/review. :))

      Regarding this comment format in blogger, what you need to do is…
      In Blogger, switch to new blogger interface.
      Go to Settings – then Posts & Comments – Select Embedded Comments. It will be done. 🙂

    • Hi Swapna! Are you planning to write a book with pics!!?? Wow!!! 🙂
      It sure is a novel concept and in this book the pics are so beautiful… simply loved the way they have been shot and interwoven with the stories! 🙂

  2. Shilpa,

    Must lay my hands on this book also. The photograph of winding roads brought a lot of memories of my visits to Lahul Spiti. Looking forward to your next visit to Delhi.

    Take care

  3. The description of the book is awesome and captivating. When the trailer is so good, how amazing will tha main show be? The introducion given by you is so unique,that every one will be eager to see the Book itself.

  4. This sounds like a kind of book I would love reading and viewing… since I hold more interest for Leh and traveling. Pls let me know when it released 🙂

    Thanks for sharing about this precious book, Shilpa.

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