Evolved Bloggers!?!

People in blogosphere, well, almost all, are very courteous and friendly. There is a great camaraderie that you see among bloggers.

The bloggers visit each other’s blogs and leave their footprints in the form of comments, we all know that! You visit a new blog, like the content, leave a meaningful comment and sooner or later (one or two or three comments later), you will have the blogger visiting your blog and leaving his/her comment. This starts a series of exchange of thoughts and views, appreciation and advice on each other’s blogs. And thus, the network of bloggers visiting your blog is built.

In this network of yours, some bloggers are loyal readers and some may vanish after a few days/months. With passage of time, new bloggers get added too.

It has been seen that by and large, the bloggers reciprocate. In fact Indiblogger says that ‘reciprocation is a good thing’. So, whether, bloggers in your network are permanent or temporary, they will reciprocate i.e. read your blog and comment too.

Of course,the basic premise is that you write to be read!

However, there’s a new trend that’s visible now-a-days. The bloggers write on their blogs and have a few select readers who comment regularly. You find their blog and start reading them and leave your comments.
So, do you see them visiting your blog subsequently?

Nah! They don’t. They never visit your blog and thus never leave a comment!

Of course, you are not expecting the likes of Amitabh Bachchan to read and comment on your blog! Also the premise is that you write well and have a fair readership in the blogosphere.

While, some have gone a step further… they do not respond to your comment on their blog, howsoever intelligent your comment is. Or that’s what you assume!  Well, since you are assuming, ‘You Do Make an Ass of  U…’.  Yes, they do write back with “Awwww  and Hugs, sweetie!” only to their old blogger friends but will ignore your comment on their blog.
They don’t care for your 2 cents and what’s more, they clearly proclaim, “Buzz off! This is my domain!”

As it happens with anything, ie people, products, situations… they evolve over a period of time. Let’s take an example of a digital storage devices… the picture shows how the Digital File Storage has evolved over a period of time!
Coming back to our dear fellow bloggers, you observe that…

  • They are no longer after the rush of building a big network of bloggers to read them as is generally seen.
  • They are no longer following the ‘reciprocation’ business. They firmly believe, “I am content with what I have.”
  • Moreover, they are not courteous and friendly which is a  far cry from the general characteristics of a blogger!

Going by this logic, it is safe to say that these bloggers have evolved too!

So, are you an Evolved Blogger, yet??

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48 thoughts on “Evolved Bloggers!?!

  1. Hey Shilpa just loved your post!!! you have put down the thoughts that was running in my mind from past few weeks(I m into this blogging world from past 1 n half month only).You have expressed it in the most perfect words possible..I too used to keep thinking that why bloggers who just have 15-20 followers never reply to my “intelligent” comments..they never visit my blog too:-((


  2. You know, Shilpa, I am guilty of it. Although, it does nit happen deliberately. I just end up busy with stuff, and miss out on posts, and also miss responding to comments because I comment so erratically. Half the time I am online on the phone. But I suppose I must look.rude to some, and deliberate too. I have to make the effort to respond more. Reading this makes me realize how it could seem to others, even if I had no intention of doing so.

    and also wanted to say, that I read all your posts, even if I don’t comment. I wish blogger had the option of ‘liking ‘ posts. it helps when you don’t have the time to post:)

  3. Shilpa,

    Caught up with 4 pending posts. Blood donation is really very noble. I used to donate blood but now I get rejected due to my age. Let me see if our club library has this book. If not, I will suggest them to get it. That writing at the back of truck is hilarious. I do feel that there is some sort of unwritten etiquette for being a blogger. You forgot to mention those who suddenly go private. I feel very satisfied if someone is benefited due to my writing here. Comments and followers are definitely an encouragement.

    Take care

  4. wow, i wonder if you are a mind reader sometimes. I kept nodding my head when i read your recent ten on tuesday and now to most of these too i kept nodding 🙂

    many a times, people just pen their thoughts and perhaps they don’t have time(may be)to blog hop and leave comments. Whatever the reason i think courtesy demands they reciprocate but may be work is keeping them busy.

    As for me, I blog it like a journal. Most of my posts are travelogues and about culture. It is written mostly for my children, perhaps it will serve as a ready reckoner sometime in the future. Though i wish i could get comments too.

  5. I have noticed this phenomenon on a number of occasions. It doesn’t bother me if my blog visit isn’t returned for people usually follow blogs that interest them. But, when people reply to comments made on their posts selectively ignoring some comments that were more than a mere “Aww, Hugs or a smilie” like you said an intelligent comment on my part, it sometimes comes across as rude.

    If someone doesn’t reply to any of the comments on their blog, it is far more acceptable for me than the former example.

    A very though provoking post Shilpa and I liked the concept of an evolved blogger 🙂
    I am yet a primitive blogger in that respect 😉

  6. You know what Shilpa, I’ve noticed it as well. There are a couple of bloggers I know of whose blog I visited a few times and left comments on. They did write replies to my comments on their blog but never ever visited my blog or never left a comment. I found it so strange because I cannot understand how we can interact if the process is one-sided. I have dropped both of them from my reading list :). I had even put up a status update about this on my blog’s FB page. Glad to know that you feel similarly about this strange behavior. Well, if they only want a select group of people then so be it! I don’t ever think that my blog is not worth reading because I am pretty happy with my readership and what I write :). I don’t think I want to reach this level of evolution ever ;-). Hi Five to your post!

  7. Our views differ here. For me, blogging is not about reciprocating to an extent that it becomes obligatory or the blogger feels burdened to read each and every blogger who leaves a comment on your blog. You came on my blog, found my writing interesting, found the blog interesting enough to leave a comment. I check your blog as you left a comment, but I don’t read the kind of posts you write, or I already follow blogs that write similar content. Then just out of obligation or retain my readers or keep the comments coming, I cannot be a fake reader and admirer of you.

    PS: Awwwww, hugs sweetie 😛

  8. Not leaving a comment is better than a fake comment isn’t it Shilpa? Many reasons, maybe they read the post but dont have an opinion to offer. Maybe they dont connect with the post. Maybe few people are not good at appreciating. We are always on the lookout for attention isnt it?

    Why make it an obligation? You scratch my back and I scratch yours kind?

  9. I have gone through all this. In the beginning when I started my blog I wanted readers and I use to wander in the blog world. My attempts reaped and I became part of some groups. I won contests , guest blogged , got tagged.Things changed after my son’s birth and I didn’t get time for blogging now I am at the same place where I started. No one is to be blamed for this I cannot expect my readers to stand for me when I am away for such a long time .I have no readers now but I have started blogging again. It hurts that there is no one to read however I believe that the purpose of my blogging is to get a platform to express myself and compile what is going on in my life.I am aware that I can again pull readers.
    It is true that blogworld is like our own world the more you socialise the more friends you will have.

  10. I guess, there are good and bad to all and every thing. It is how you look at things. But I feel blogging should not only be to reach out to people who’ll comment. It should be for the sake of writing. But yes, courtesy is a factor that should not be missing, whereas commentating and reciprocation should not be an obligation either thereby decreasing the fake people too.

  11. totally agree with what you say….seeing readers comment on your posts no doubt leaves you feeling good and acknowledged..

    however, I read people I like to read, irrespective of whether they read my posts and leave their comments or not! I read you regularly, I don’t know if you do, but i like to read what you have to say! simple!!

    reciprocation, i think is important, someone has said a few kind words, why not be courteous? we would to that to a house guest, won’t we?

  12. You hit the nail right on the head Shilpa 🙂 I understand what you mean exactly. It is not hard to be courteous to pop over to the Blog and leave a comment which could just say ‘Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog’.

    I think if someone ignores your comment time and again and does not respond, it is time you stop visiting their blog as it is a clear indication that they do not respect your viewpoint.

    I loved this post Shilpa. You have written things that were in my mind…

  13. Hmm I partly agree and partly disagree 🙂 For me the biggest sin is not responding to comments on your blog. When I comment a few times on a new blog and the blogger doesn’t show the Curtsey to even respond to the comment,I simply stop visiting. I try to go the blog of each person who visits mine and leave comments. Infact this is how I found a lot of interesting blogs. But then sometimes the blogs don’t interest me at all (perhaps their content is not so well written or the topics they blog about don’t interest me) So gradually I stop reading and commenting there although that blogger may still be commenting on my blog 🙂

  14. In my opinion,it is only the content that matters.If the content is good,blogger will have frequent visits.
    May be,when I started blogging,I used to be happy with ever addditional friend on the list and a comment.But, now….

  15. Agree to most of what you said…I find it very rude not to respond or acknowledge the comments on your blog….it is like somebody coming to your house and you are just ignoring him/her and welcoming only few chosen one. If you do not want visitors then make your blog private or password protected.

    Also, generally i visit many random blog and drop my comments there but do not expect a return visit from them always, means its ok for me if they my blog doesn’t interest them…

    But yes like MyEra said…i am then a primitive blogger as per your post 😀

  16. Hi, I agree with Bindu ( Insignia),
    There are not many who take blogging as a pleasure, that also brings to us chance to interact with like minded and different folks.
    For many Blogging is just a lopsided affair. They want to get their concoction seen in print on the web. Some are sententious and want everyone to accept their supposed high grounds. Any dissent even with logic is frowned and they throw you out of their Blogger circle.

    The end of the day, It is better that you have a handful of faithful and honest Blogger friends who can give us much latitude for thought and discussion even if we disagree.

    To me Blogging is my space , my thought and feelings. As honest as possible that anything more will be branding myself as a terrible fellow. In Blogging I get as far as I possibly can.

  17. @ Shilpi, Smitha, Jack, Asha, My Era, Rachna, Kunjal, The Little Princess, Lazy Pineapple, Ruchira, Indrani, BK Chowla, NBose : Thanks a lot for your views and thoughts on this. Glad to know your perspectives and thanks for adding some more dimensions to the discussion! 🙂

    @ Neha, Insignia, Guria, Anil : Appreciate your views and expression on the topic. And thank you for sharing it here. It is nice to see a different point of view! Obligation to comment is not what is being said here. Your blog is your space and you have all the rights to read and comment wherever and whenever… So, while many believe in reciprocating, there are some who think otherwise (due to whatever reasons…. content, no connect, time, the need to be genuine commenters…), so my thought is that they have evolved as bloggers when compared to the general trend!! 🙂

  18. Shilpa, you wrote what is in my mind and what bothers me more lately… some don’t know that sharing is to give and take and not only giving or taking. ‘Insignia’ is right about the comments and it annoys to read that whatever we write some comments never change and don’t extend than the two ‘nice words’.

    Is there anyone post without expecting comments? Defiantly no one would be there… because we write to know what others think about things or thought we explore, truly. I never comment without reading a post quite from beginning and if I am blank about what they write, I just skip to catch up with their next post. For me blogging is very important and I take it seriously while enjoying at same time and it’s the only way for me to communicate with world and friends… even I’m on face book, I am no more content with anything than blogging.

  19. Hai!My first comment in the blogosphere, even thou i have been here for some long.But actually i din know this space was more cool than FB! So with this post of yours i strt my commenting era …. Have gone thru majority of your posts, and you have an awesome way of expressing. keep going. And now you’ll be seeing me here often. 🙂

  20. Hi Shipa! I am Ok if someone visits my blog only when he/she likes it & leave their footprints. But, what hurts when some bloggers in apropos of to create their network promote my blog through Indiblogger & don’t find it worth of reading or leaving a comment.And, it does happen every time. My posts are promoted by them because I visit & comment when I find their posts good enough.I mean, how could it be possible that you promote my blog every time because you didn’t find me good enough? Better, don’t promote & don’t give me fantasy. I also thought to give them a tit-for-tat, but at the end it hurts me only. I may not do what I don’t like.
    Blogging is all about self-improvement which we get when we write/read worthwhile 🙂

  21. There is a point in what you are saying: so my thought is that they have evolved as bloggers when compared to the general trend!! 🙂
    Correct me if I am wrong, what you are actually saying is that many of us have realised not to comment, just for the sake of commenting, just to keep the flow of comments coming back to our blogs in return.
    You know , I have found very loyal followers of my blogs have stopped visiting my blogs lately, maybe they cannot relate to the stuff I write, or whatever, and I am sure if it was something very interesting for them, they would have definitely left a comment.
    I too don’t comment on blogs I don’t understand, or I cannot relate to the content, for it is better I come back without leaving a comment, then commenting, just for the sake of commenting.
    We all think that whatever we write are always interesting enough to get comments, forgetting for the moment it is not that way, we are driven by ego, and we start finding faults with people who may have been our followers but have for some reason don’t follow us or just stop visiting us.
    We must realise that mainly it is a platform for us to write what we really feel, and doesn’t matter, if some people come and read our blogs and comment or not.
    I have a very close friend, who writes beautifully, and would like comments, but is not worried of not getting any. The funniest thing she may visit many blogs, but she would never comment on any of the blogs visited by her, even though she may have liked them, and she has till now not told me the reason behind this.
    Anyway, who cares, we write for our own pleasure.

  22. I know what you mean…. But then I think after the advent of one minute quick fixes of venting out like twitter & facebook the blogs are now facing the dilemma.

    It happens with me I have an interesting idea, now I can make a one liner joke on it and post it on twitter & FB right away or I can think over it develop a meaningful post and then expect people to read and comment. The latter option is reducing these days.

    And same thing is happening with comments. It is easier to hit like on an FB post than comment 🙂

  23. If someone has read my post and commented, I would like to read their post and comment back. It’s like returning a favour, thanking them for the time they spent on our post. Some people might think it is sheer reciprocity and one of my friends even termed it begging for comments! 🙂

    But I don’t think it is wrong. I just think that estimating the worth of our blog based on the number of comments/hits is wrong. Because every blog has something special/unique to say. Awesome posts sometime has very less comments. I do follow certain blogs without commenting on them because I just like the way they write.

    Destination Infinity

  24. well…reaading this was like someoen ringing my doorbell and asking me to get a move on.. iam guilty of not immediately replying to comments…but i justify it (to myself) that i would do so when i have lots of time to read/understand what they say and then comment and not becuse i want to give a generic Thanks and all…but point well made

  25. shilpa, i agree with what you say. you know what i have seen w.r.t my blog or for that matter of fact many food blogs? the comment is mostly ‘looks delicious’ or ‘drooling’- the commenters seldom reads the content and it is mostly I scratch ur back and u scratch mine. Sad right ? As for me, I comment on the posts which I can relate to. Infact, I have been commenting on a few blogs regularly whose contents I truly like and I know for a matter of fact that those bloggers either don’t revert to my blog or don’t comment or don’t relate to the content on my space. It is ok- to each their own. The adage I follow is if I truly appreciate the post, I will leave a comment regardless of whether they revert back or not.
    However, I am guilty of not replying to every comment posted in my blog, not because of lack of appreciation but yup would evolve in that respect. Nice post gal

  26. glad you pointed indiblogger.. I dont like this VOTE thing there because people dont read the post .. I have done some experimentation .. I have posted there please dont vote , read the post , yet votes come ..

    I am sure or I do make sure that if i comment I read the article properly and then comment.. although sometimes there is no other option but to write just two words .. especially on the food blogs.. I mean I dont cook that much so I look at the pics and drool over them 🙂 well thats my excuse to write two words ..

    but today in this world its more of a give and take process.. I have had “awesome post” on a lot of posts .. dont know if they are.. I have a simple theory I go and visit blogs that I like and comment.. irrespective of the fact if they will visit me or not ..

    Also at some places I have found (which to me is a bit rude) as you have mentioned , I have commented , the author has replied to comments but only the ones who have been regular.. first timers or second third times dont get a reply to the comment 🙂 SO now when i go to a blog I make sure if my comment has been replied to , IF NOT then I have stopped visiting that blog.. I mean I have enough time to spend somewhere else 🙂

    I definitely am EVOLVING and I have a long way to go , I need to learn the art of LIEing , how to make others go ga ga over my comments he he he he 🙂
    and ACTUALY I need STOP going to all the blogs I visit.. getting that list smaller ..


  27. The biggest culprit is success of places like pinterest and ployvore. Now people just want to see the picture,very few want to read the text.Its right brain dominated world.

  28. I am a very evolved blogger, just like one of those alien species. Try me. 🙂
    On a serious note, I think it is good that you go back and comment on a blog but it might be possible that the blog content is not to your liking. In that case, a scenario might arise where the blogger comes and comments on your blog but you might not be returning the favour.
    I think blogging is more about your passion to write. If you are good, you will have followers. Reciprocating is good but I will do that only when I find the blog interesting.

  29. I must admit my fault. Actually being new to Blogadda I have to learn so much more. Its only from friends like you that I am learning. Every word in your post reveals your sincerity. Thanks Shilpa for whatever I troubled you and you went out of the way to clear my doubts.

  30. Mm..well..I don’t know, really! We write because we want to write. Being read is a compliment in itself. I always make it a point to reply to comments. I even go back to check blogs on which I have left comments just to see if they have been replied to. Vanishing acts are common. I generally tell myself that people must have been busy. Lack of time (I can vouch for it) is a real killjoy for a blogger. Nice analysis, Shilpa. It made me reflect on my own standing as an ‘evolved blogger’. 🙂

  31. I’m guilty as charged of not responding to comments on my blog on a regular basis. And you know the first thing I did after reading your post was to run to my blog to see if I had responded to your comment or no..*sheepish smiley insert* !! Phew I have!! 😀

    In my case, blogging( writing and reading) has become very erratic. There are times when I am on a reading, writing and commenting spree but then at times I get drifted away and completely skip writing or replying. But I totally understand what you’re saying, Shilpa. It does get bothering when blogs you read and comment on don’t reciprocate.

    You know lazy-bums like me need a post like this every once in a while as a wake up call to be more out there and interactive! Thank you for thsi post, Shilpa! As always you were brilliant at putting some valid points across! 🙂

  32. Shilpa this really rings a bell. I’m guilty of not being very good at responding to comments, but that’s not because I don’t appreciate comments. I’m trying to be more diligent about that, but fail from time to time. However, I do try to visit the blogs of people who comment on mine and comment on them too. Sometimes, what they write doesn’t interest me, but I do visit any way from time to time and find something to say.

  33. Hmmm .. I don’t mind much if they don’t visit me in return, but it feels good if they can take time to respond to comments on theirs’ atleast. For me, replying to every comment on my blog is a must before I even write the next post 🙂 And I do visit every blogger who visits me, atleast once if not more 😛 😛

  34. @ Jeevan, Sheetal, Gayatri, rama, Jahid, Prats, DI, Ganesh, 3mik, Karan, Priya, Bikram, Rahul, Amit, Usha, Destiny’s Child, Deeps, Corinne, Swaram : Thanks a ton for sharing your insights. It’s wonderful to know how you all feel about this commenting business 😉 Have taken home some great pointers which will make our blogging journey more meaningful and interesting!
    Cheers to all of us and HAPPY BLOGGING!! :))

  35. true. Agree. While it would be nice to know they dropped by to see ‘who dropped by’, it shouldnt be a necessity that they comment. Thats not the point. It’s not a scoreboard where we win if we reach 50 comments before the others !!

    I still read a lot of blogs but I do comment only if I find myself nodding saying ‘yup ! this dude knows what he’s/she’s talking about’… oh ya, I am guilty of one of the comments above – when I see a good food blog with yummy pics, I definitely add a ‘Oooh..Awesome. yummy’ comment 😀

  36. I wish I can tell you that I am a regular blogger, first 😉 Its been such a long time since I blogged so often and visited other’s blogs too…

    Due to lack of time, I am restricting myself to reading fewer blogs !!! I dont know if I can call myself as Evolved, in the sense of this post !!!

  37. I joined the blogging circle principally because I love to read and write; I love to hear other viewpoints and others’ experiences! So reading other people’s blogs is just as important to me as writing my own content! It is difficult for me to understand the other point of view. I would say that they are so big that they are too busy to visit; but I would expect a minimum courtesy of acknowledging your presence at their site!

  38. I’ve commented on a particular blog a few times without any response. These guys don’t reply to any comments and that leaves me angry! So, although I like what they write, I don’t comment anymore.

    And well, I’ve given up on comment and get comments!! It can really spoil your self confidence. So, I comment only on something I like or if I feel someone needs encouragement.

    Anyway, great post 🙂

    • You have been missing from the blogosphere, Reema… I know, shifting to a new city and then new job… kept you away from the blog world. Hope to read lots from you, now that you are back! 🙂

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