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Parentous, a new initiative from Blogadda, is a meeting point of all mommy/daddy bloggers and wonderful readers. It is a blog which is full off those little elements, thoughts, conversations, dilemmas, agony aunt tips, funny conversations, heart rendering episodes, experienced advise that come to govern the life of a parent.

It is here that I shared a bit of our parenting style for our dearest Aaryan.

Do check it out, here…
Looking forward to your thoughts, views and experiences on Parenting by Books?!!

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14 thoughts on “My Post on Parentous

  1. Shilpa,

    Navigated and read the post. I agree with you that books give one general know how but one has to learnt parenting by own experience. Not only when baby is small but even when they are grown ups and married with their own children. What I would like to say is that parents too need to change their outlook and start treating children in more friendly way as per their age. They must give them their due.

    Take care

  2. agree.parenting cannot be learnt by books….just as each child is different, his/her needs, reasons for doing a particular thing, etc are totally different!! like u said, books give u a guideline, but experience is what teaches u what u need to do…and in a family oriented culture like ours, grandparents, aunts, and neighbours prove more a guiding force than books,atleast when it comes to kids!

  3. Wow- kudos to you. Feels great to know a fellow blogger – on whose blog i have commented, and who has in turn comments on my posts- is contributing to BOOKS.
    Awesome Start- Authoring a Book – is my Long Term Dream, Short Term Goal is to contribute to some Magazines. I found a role model in you- Great!

    Keep Writing πŸ™‚

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