Partying with Kids

Have you ever witnessed this in your home or at a get-together elsewhere…

  • Kids jumping up and down on the sofa and some with their shoes on too.
  • Kids driving toy cars or playing with Jenga blocks on the glass table top.
  • Kids insisting on playing with delicate show pieces and artefacts and in process breaking or damaging them….
  • Kids balancing their plates stuffed with food and walking all over the house and then spilling food and drinks all over- on themselves, floor, chairs, bed, sofa… thereby creating a mess of the whole place.
  • Kids adamant on taking some of the toys back home with them

My new post on Parentous talks about Partying with Kids at home!!
How has been your experience when kids join you for a party?
Looking forward to your experiences, tips and suggestions on this post! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Partying with Kids

  1. I was impressed with the restraint and discipline of kids of parents in the military circles. A party and get together of elders was always so and kids seldom messed with it.

    Well among us, civilians, I have seen parents unleashing their kids and goodness what a chaos it would be.

    • Am all for small mischief and harmless fun, but when it ventures into misbehavior and damaging/ruining of things, then it’s pretty serious! And parents have to intervene and control their lil ones!

  2. I am the only single guy in my family.. but what I have seen with cousins that no matter what kids will be kids.. They entertain for a while, are lost in their world for an hour or so and then come back and make the party hellish.. So most of them leave back early.. now we at times plan parties for elders only.. 😉

  3. We have the kind of get togethers duerin Diwali,Dussera,Lohri.Which means a party almost one every four months.
    Then it a free for all.Break what you can,mess up where you can.
    Its fun

  4. yes..yes..yes..couldn’t agree more! and what is worst, some parents do not find this kind of behaviour, serious enough to be chided! they will not even try to control their child… and your hands are tied, as you cannot scream at other people’s kids…!

    great post and some great tips too…

    • When the parents don’t stop their kids from misbehaving, I then dont shy from taking the control. What is not right has to be told and you can’t let the slackness on the parent’s part ruin your party/home. They may not like that, but pls do all the mess creation and unruly behavior at your home! I am labelled as “This aunty is very strict”… I have no problems with that! 😀

  5. I see kids today with extreme characters.. Either they are too shy and silent that hey don’t even move from their place or they are too naughty and energetic that they don’t sit around a place even for a few minutes…. The people to be blamed for the child’s mischief are their parents certainly.. They must clearly set the boundary rather than trying to put them under your full control… Clearly said and hats off.. This will be an advising one to all out there who are struggling in the parties with the kids around…

  6. Naughty kids are still manageable but the ones who are brat and spoiled are tough to handle. I have seen my cousins manage their kids well and they also make sure they mind their actions timely but there are many parents who just let it go. They let their kids do just anything and only have a smile on their faces. Being liberal is good but only to the extent that it does not get overboard.
    Nice do and don’ts!

    • Well said. Spoilt brats can be quite a handful. These are the kids who needs constant care and loads of work from the parents side. Reinforcing the rules and being consistent with them always works! Thanks Manjulika! 🙂

  7. That was so true Shilpa !

    I have sooo many small cousins and they all hate me, because well I keep shouting at them. Somebody has to :/

    We had a Bhai Dooj party at home after diwali when my 5 year old cousin kissed a little girl, she cried furiously :S

  8. My brandnew Leather Suite had to bear the brunt of one such child.. and then the worst was I lost on the friendship also when i told the mom of the child to have looked after the child .. I am bad HOST i was told

    the 2700/- Suite was nothing to be bothered about .. I work hours and hourssss to earn that money 🙁

    I guess I am a bad person


    • OMG!! That’s terrible! Damaged suit, broken friendship and a label of bad host… when it’s all their fault!! How insensitive, casual and
      callous! It’s perfectly fine if these parents let their kids ruin their stuff, but they certainly cant do that to you!! Sad, really sad for the kids, what will happen to them when they grow up with this kind of upbringing!!
      They are bad, not you, Bikram!

  9. yes, kids can behave strangely in front of outsiders uncharacteristically. some very valid points you have mentioned which we do not pay attention to. monitoring certain things at home can be very helpful.

    well, even we behave like that at times 😀

    • I like your statement, ” kids can behave strangely in front of outsiders uncharacteristically”!! It is so very true!! The misbehavior and indiscipline, if not corrected earlier can create big issues later! 😛

  10. I sure have seen a lot of unruly tantrums, the kids these days are used to getting their way at home and for most part seem to have forgotten that childhood is all about harmless fun… have marked down your parenting tips for future reference 😛

    • Oh yeah, kids of our times are way different than kids of today! We could find happiness and fun while playing even with a broken discarded thing for hours together, but this cant be said for today’s kids! And the discipline that was ingrained into us… that’s missing today!
      Thanks Reshma! 🙂

  11. Kids being kids will always demand & throw tantrums,its the duty of parents to give the right guidance &give a strong value system to kids.
    kids are totally adaptable to whatever they are taught & in whatever conditions they are brought up in,its we adults who spoil them due to our selfish interests & then later blame kids saying they don’t listen to us!

  12. Kids being kids will always be demanding & unreasonable,but we being parents need to draw a line in giving them the right guidance & a strong value system.
    Kids are very adaptable to any kind of upbringing,its the effort of the parents that count.

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