And The Child Is Back…

And so are…

  • The voices of Nobita and Doremon, Chhota Bheem along with Phineas & Ferb…
  • The every few minute questions, “Mumma, where are my sketch pens?”, “Where are my socks? or “When did you get this?”
  • The young callers buzzing on the intercom and asking, “Aunty, is Aaryan there?”
  • The constant reminders, “First, eat your food”, “Finish your milk fast!”
  • The eternal Don’ts, “Don’t watch TV from this close”, “Don’t go out without your jacket”.
  • The sweet requests, “Mom, can you search my Boarding School friends on Facebook?”
  • The angry and noisy fights between the Ra.One and G.One on PlayStation 2.
  • The plans to visit McDonalds and Pizza Hut.
  • The look of the home as if it has been hit by a mild hurricane.
  • The inquisitive questions from neighbours and acquaintances, “ Is he liking his Boarding School? Has he settled well?, Does he miss home?”
  • The struggles to download the latest version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the tablet PC
  • The warm hugs and kisses.
  • The non-stop stories of friends and school and also the story with few dialogues and lots of action of the movie 1920 : Evil Returns.

And we are loving it!

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59 thoughts on “And The Child Is Back…

  1. Shilpa,

    You made is look as if I was witness to all this. Have all the fun and I am sure he is turning into a responsible boy. Please give him a hug from my side.

    Take care

  2. aaah sooooooooo sweet. shilpa it must be as hard for you as the lil guy. ANd I totally salute your perseverance and patience not to mention courage to pull this thing through. Enjoy all the time with him and GOD bless Aryan

    • I understand your words, Priya! We have opted for a very tough decision and at times, it makes the going very hard! God willing, it would be bestest for the child and we will manage too! Thanks a lot for your warm wishes! Appreciate it! 🙂

    • The last few days were simply terrible… it was like that the time was just not passing and we wanted him home ‘at that moment’!! Glad that all that is behind us and we are together again! Thanks a lot Latha and Hugs back to you! :))

  3. and u forgot one thing..

    a glowing mommy ;who cannot stop smiling nor stop admiring sonny dearest and doling out every single request of his at the drop of a hat….

    wishing u both tons of happy memories!

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