Friday’s 55 Fiction : The Mundane Struggles

55 Fiction is a form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

The Mundane Struggles

The eyes kept darting back and forth between the clock and the door.

The sense of impending doom began to grow with each passing second.

Nothing is more punishing than this act of waiting, a thought flashed through the mind.

The anguish was broken by the ringing phone.

She isn’t coming, today!

Arggh! The maid!!

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40 thoughts on “Friday’s 55 Fiction : The Mundane Struggles

  1. Oh yes most of us dread the day the maid bunks work without warning… I hope this is a true fiction and she turned up for work.Cos when its wintry and cold, you sure need your maid Shilpa.

    • You are absolutely right, Reshma! This is certainly a story based on real life incident, which happened yesterday and thus the idea for this 55 Fiction! Bunking suddenly is just not right! It derails the whole system at home! 😐

  2. Haha…The daily drama at home when Ma is getting worried about the maid. We’ve in fact begun calling the maid as Ma’s best friend..No one can bring that lightning relief and smile on my Mom’s face in the morning except her 😀

    • Oh yes, she is absolutely right! One of my maid, takes leave on 10th, 20th and 30th of every month (you see, 3 leaves in a month are mandatory ), so I am prepared for these days, I dont have to wait for her and plan my schedule accordingly. But this taking leaves without any warning is big pain! 🙁

  3. ha ha ha!!!

    You have put it so aptly!!! I always say that if my hubby says I am going out for 3 days I am most happy but if the maid says so? I go into Panic zone!!

    P.S. I am sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur parentous post, had read but was in a hurry and missed commenting. And I remembered yesterday that I had forgotten to comment!!

    • LOL 😀 but I know the feeling, Smita! If she informs and takes leave, I am still ok with that, but the sudden leaves are very bugging! And a leave of a day is manageable, but 2-3 days at a stretch… God!!
      That’s so very thoughtful and sweet of you, Smita!! That’s OK and thank you for your wonderful timely inputs! Appreciate that a lot! 🙂

    • totally agree on that! Thankfully my maid is very good in that department. SHe usually gives us a week’s notice before not coming. This maid went for a months break last month….I had a harrowing time with another maid.

  4. Maid-service should become professional. If one maid is not coming, the agency providing maid services should send another maid, temporarily. These things can happen, but the cost will increase dramatically. One or two days of maid absence seems to be better than that, no? 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Valid points DI, but the professional maid services are far from professional and in fact some friends and acquaintances have had some terrible experiences courtesy these ‘Professional’ services! 😐

  5. Creatively worded, beautiful job on your 55-er!

    Oh, no! not there too. The maid not turning up for work brings our life to a standstill, though bravely we can say it is not so. Atleast, i prefer she informs me a day before and have given my mobile no to call me when she does’nt come.

    To find a parttime on the same day and the nakhras they throw, omg! such a pain.

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