Hail Winters!

They say, don’t knock the weather. If it didn’t change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn’t start a conversation!

It seems every year, I keep hearing, “This year the winters are more severe than the last year!!” Or “Never before were the winters so harsh!”

Ah, whether it’s harsh or severe, mild or very cold winters are meant to be braved and enjoyed!

A quick “Can you answer in one-word (or sentence, yeah some of us love to talk) survey” on “What keeps you going in the winters?”, with the people in my neighbourhood revealed some diverse and interesting responses.

For the Uncle, with a wonderful smile, its loads of warm woollen layers.

While ‘it’s only Pashmeena or Toosh’ for the ladies in my building. Ok, let me clarify, this information I got from the last get-together we had in our building complex.

A friend’s daughter’s friend who stays in a hostel, yearns for piping hot, tasty and delicious home-made food, especially the gajar ka halwa and sarson ka saag and makki ki roti. And her friend loves the moongfali, revari and gajjaks which are synonymous with winters.

And the grandparents on the 8th floor look forward to sitting out in the balcony or garden to soak in all the warmth provided by the Sun God.

While the lady in pink wants to just snuggle up cosily in a blanket with a nice book and a hot cup of masala chai. Wow, I’d love that too!

As for mothers like me, it means some more entertainment management for the kids. While Aaryan is having his winter vacations, his building friends are busy with schools and exams. So, his friends come out to play only in the evenings. For rest of the day, Aaryan has to be kept busy. TV dominates and keeps him engrossed for long, PlayStation games, games on laptop and books holds his interest for a short while. When I banned my child from watching Cartoon Network and its brethren for some time (I feel he should watch something sensible rather than Doremon and Nobita’s gadget stories) and focus on something creative. Inspired by what he saw on Animal Planet channel, this is what he made yesterday.

imageThese are the Walrus, Penguin, Seal and the Shark toys enjoying themselves in Antarctica. By the way, this Antarctica was created in our refrigerator.

And as for the watchmen, it’s the warmth of the fire in the cold of the night that keeps them going.


What keeps you going in this cold season??

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64 thoughts on “Hail Winters!

    • Sitting in the sun can be so addictive!! And the peanuts, especially the ones which you have to shell… you just cant stop after a few!! 🙂
      And yes the silence is very important too! Enjoy the Delhi winters, Alka 🙂

  1. Chai with lots of adrak (somehow tea and ginger don’t sound good enough!) , moongfalli, tucked in a razai and a good laughter session.
    Ah, I miss India!

  2. hibernate underneath my blankets……yes, every winter i simply think about going into hibernation…. 🙂

    I remember, during my childhood my mother would heat the water, give me a bath, wipe me and wrap into Razaai, making it sure that I was ready to fight every minute falling mercury level. Even I used to have my dinner form her hands while hiding myself totally inside that Razaai….SIGH….

    • You said it, Irfan! Hibernation is the word for winters! Though the nights are long during winters, still the feeling everyday is to sleep a bit more! Its a pain to get out of the warm and cozy quilt!
      That’s some warm and beautiful memories of childhood! 🙂

  3. The morning Sun, hot soups and my comfy Rajai 🙂

    I love winters except the UK winters which were depressing. There is a hope for a new beginning and the hint of festivity in the air as the cold air starts to blow 🙂

    • Yes, the winters have a whole gamut of things around it… sitting in the sun, eating moongfali and revris, such good winter vegetables, carrot halwa… kite flying, sitting around bonfires or room heaters… all give a nice celebratory ring to the winters!

  4. In Chennai, there are no winters. Only cooler-summers. But, that’s ok. I can stand heat (somewhat), but not cold. Perhaps, I am the only person in Chennai to be wearing a woolen monkey-cap while sleeping in the nights! 🙂 When I was in Bglore, I used to sleep wearing a thick Jerkin and still find the cold unbearable!!

    Destination Infinity

    • I know what you mean, DI! It’s the same for me… my threshold for cold tolerance is bit lower than most people around me. Yesterday, while the husband and child wore just one cardigan, I had worn 3 layers of woolen clothing!! So, I can understand your woolen monkey cap! :))

  5. It’s the festive season and lot of leave we get in the winter that keeps me going. Apart, Chai, Masala Vadai,cosy cardigans and few good friends to play cards 🙂
    The antartica made by Aryan is very nice..

  6. Oh yes, weather is a definite conversation starter 🙂 It’s the charcoal roasted bhutta/ corn on the cob that seals up the wintry flavor for me along with a steaming hot cup of masala chai 🙂

    • Oh yes, roasted bhutta is yet another flavor of this cold season!
      Aah, I can do with a hot cup of tea just now!! It is sooooo cold that my teeth are chattering as I type this! 😛

  7. adraki chai, good music & comforters. BTw, have you ever watched nobita and their gadget stories. I don’t mind my son watching them, they are educative too. but only i want to regulate his timings. Nobita’s mom sometimes shouts at him for not doing homework etc., something’s there are more like in our own homes.

    • Oh, yes! I watch all the cartoon programs, and if I am not watching, at least I am listening. I know that these Doremon stories teach some great lessons regarding values such as honesty, perseverance, courage, family and respect for elders etc. But after a while these cartoony voices get on my nerves!! 😀 Even I want him to spend less time on TV and more on something better! 🙂

    • Just today, there is no sign of sun and there is so much of chill in the air that it is hitting the bones!! And right now, I’d like to back home and do what you have mentioned!! 😀

    • Sitting in the sun is very addictive! My parents enjoy sitting in the sun too! I prefer to sit for a very short while, only if it is bitter cold inside! Also, I get tanned so much and when you go back inside, you feel all the more cold!! 😛

  8. Well, we don’t have winters here in Kerala but the air conditioning in the office is getting colder and colder by the day. I wonder if it has anything to do with the weather! Anyway, enjoyed reading how different people look at winter. Your son’s creation looks really nice. 🙂 Enjoy the cool weather!

    • Hmmmm… if the office AC is getting colder, then it must be the change in weather! I remember when we were in Mumbai and I used to keep a cardigan in office to brave the AC chill! 😛
      Thanks and you too enjoy the cold AC environment! :))

  9. I remember spending the winters in Agra in open terrace, sitting on the charpai eating oranges and gossiping with friends. Another favorite is drinking hot tea with samosas, kachori or pakodas and also knitting. Now in Bangalore we hardly have anything called winter.
    Your son is really creative. Please let him watch Cartoon network, for he is there only for the holidays, don’t try to control him too much, anyway he has to go back to school, and may not be able to enjoy the freedom and the choice he has here. For a change let a child be a child. Easy you might say, for me, for my kids are no longer kids now. Thodhi choot to chalti hai.

    • That’s wonderful, made me remember our kiddy days… it was the same for us. Knitting brings back fond memories… while mom and her friends would knit sweaters for us while sitting on the terrace or garden in the afternoons, we kids used to knit sweaters for our dolls. What fun time it was!
      Am simply loving your advice, Rama :)) I know what you mean, and agree too. Ok, will give him thodi choot, as you say!! :))

  10. I loved the last picture , reminded me of those cold nights back home and sitting around the fire .. trying ot keep warm .. especially on the nights when your turn comes to water your fields .. can you imagine standing in water , making sure the field is fully watered..


  11. Winter is always welcome.The nonstop persperation and perpetual dry throat in Summer becomes unbearable and we crave for winter!! We in our house enjoy Winters.With a hot cup of coffee,peanuts and chikki we enjoy the winters. Aryan’s creation is unique!!

    • Paranthas and Punjabis are synonymous!! Good you reminded me of matar paranthas… will make them tomorrow! Have not had them these winters!
      How about guavas!? Love these too! 🙂

  12. Since we don’t really have winters down here, but more or less one long summer that can get hot, hotter, not-so-hot and wet as it pleases, winter sounds more like a fantasy thing to me now. That’s some creative assembly of Antarctica you’ve got there in your refrigerator! Sitting by the bonfire would be great in winter!

    • Aah! Come to north… and you will have different varieties of winters… slight nip in the air, cold, bone-chilling cold…. aargghhh-go-away-winter!! And sitting by the bonfire is one blissful thing to do in this cold season! Yeah, the kid is creative! Thanks 🙂

  13. What winters! Yesterday while we were sleeping the fan was running at its full speed.

    So this winter I wish for winters in Mumbai so that I can enjoy the frills atatched with winters!!

    And that Ince thing, quite innovatively done by him na?

    • Fans at full speed!!OMG!! Fans in december… ab to kya winters aye gi in Mumbai!! 😐
      I guess, to enjoy winters, you need to come to north… visit us in Jaipur!! It would be fun! 🙂
      Yes… he likes doing all such time pass things! 🙂

  14. Mumbai hardly has a winter to speak of, Shilpa. But from my experiences of colder climes, it’s sitting out in the sun after a mustard oil ‘maalish’, lots of adrak tea, pakodas….Mmm..and of course lots of books to read while curled up in a warm bed! 🙂

    • I remember, the only winters that we experienced in Mumbai were the ACs during Dec-Jan in office. So, to brave the AC cold some women like me would wear jackets/sweaters in office and the guys would laugh at us!
      Curled up in bed with a book is welcome any day! 🙂

  15. I wish it were cold enough here to even talk of winters 🙂 Back in the UK, it would be toasty indoors, so just going for a walk, with the cold biting your face, and then the joy of getting back indoors- that was just fabulous. And the snow, and Christmas 🙂 I miss it all now 🙂

  16. Nice question! Actually, our college students have a fortnight vacation in winter but this time, its been extended to one month 😀 So what? Blogging, novels, films and sleeping not only with fans on but also with Ac’s 😀 But my parents don’t allow that and I had to get comfortable with fans alone… And tell your son that he is awesome and lovely 🙂

  17. WOW, what a cool creation by Aaryan!

    I love love love winters and this is when I miss being home the most! The weather is getting nippy here in the middle east as well and I’m loving every bit of this change in the weather. In another two days Namnam’s winter hols will start..and then will start my research for entertainment options for her 😀

  18. Hmmm..I donno what keeps me going in winters..may be just keeping myself cozy and warm; because I hate winterss….:( I can bear the heat, but not the cold.The home made Antarctica is cool 🙂

  19. Shilpa, there’s no such thing called winter in Chennai 🙁

    But I used to enjoy it all in Hyd…the woolens are my fav 🙂 And the warm fire, when we go to the club used to be my fav !!! The hot chai in the balcony facing the chill wind used to be my fav !!! The spicy kebabs are more yumm in winter !!! And I miss them all here !!!

    Have a lovely winter season !!!

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