Wordless Wednesday – 94

24 010
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35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 94

    • We were doing a CSR activity in this village and these children come up to me and asked to be clicked… I gladly captured them! And yes, I’ll be taking prints of this and giving it to them! We keep going to this place in Alwar! 🙂

  1. Beautiful 🙂 Last year, we went for a NSS camp to a village for a week… The children in that village were so innocent (except for a few who kind of irritated us with so bad habits in that very small age!) and they used to run to us if we take a photograph or if we get snacks… We also used to give them everything we buy and those kids proved to be so helpful in our social activities… I loved that village a lot except for those whom I mentioned in the brackets…

    • This was exactly what we experienced too in this village. We were planting trees and cleaning up the village and whatever we needed, whether a bucket or a shovel, they would run to their homes and get it for us! An experience which brings smiles still! 🙂

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