A Parenting Case Study

Have you come across a family where a child is the boss?

Have you seen a family where parents are obedient to the child??

How does this style of parenting affects a child in later years? Will the child be able to ‘behave’ well and change her habits in the later years? When will the child learn about value systems? Is this parenting style good for the child?


Check this post on Parentous and share your views and thoughts!

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22 thoughts on “A Parenting Case Study

  1. That site is not letting me post my comments. This is the third time it is happening. Even earlier I posted comments on two of friend’s post in the same site, it did not get published. Something weird with WP.

    • Yeah, even I could post it, but instead of getting published I don’t know where they have gone. I thought it must be going to the moderation, but even after waiting for 1/2 days it was not published, instead people who had posted after me their comments were there.

    • It must have gone into moderation. It is live on the site now and yours is the first one! I dont know, how some comments go into moderation and some dont. This happened last time as well.

  2. Shilpa,

    Navigated but could not leave my comment there. One must love the child as much as one wants to irrespective of any reasons but at the same time one should not pamper the child so much that he or she is totally spoilt. I feel they even if very good in studies & intelligent will grow up into very egoist persons.

    Take care

    • Thanks Mr J for the effort. I guess there were some issues, but the comments are getting published now on the site.
      True, there has to be a right balance in parenting… neither too strict nor too lenient!

    • Thanks a lot Anil for sharing your views on this subject!
      True Anil, kids who understand that they can’t always have their way will be more likely to be successful in school, relationships, and their careers… sadly their parents are depriving them of this major learning of life!

  3. This is a very relevant issue.In olden days parents had three, four or more children.Those were the days of strict discipline. Now with one or two children parents have become more indulgent.Pampering the children within limits is all right but it must not m,ake the child arrogant,selfish and a dictator. No, no,no,the children must not be given too much leverage that they start dictating. The last word must always be of the parents.

    • Agree completely, Ma’am. Children have to be given the right guidance / disciplie and right amount of independence, a tricky balance but which will certainly help the child. A child has to be obedient and not vice versa.

    • 21 is an adult so it is ok for role reversal to happen in certain things! Of course, parents are parents always, my mother still treats me like a kid on certain matters! 😀

  4. oh no, they will face a lot of problem later when they will interact with outsider more often. her friends, colleagues (when they start working) are not going to like it. and this will affect their psyche as well when they will notice how differently people respond to their behaviour.

    • You said it, Deb!! The parents and the child will understand the whole thing when then people from the outside world will not behave with them as per their expectations! Hope, by then it is not too late! 😐

    • Agree completely, these things have to be developed and learnt right from the very beginning! Learning to do that at a later stage becomes a big struggle… Thanks Mr Bhatia 🙂

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