Corinne from Everyday Gyan tagged me for this 7x7x7x7 prompt.
cooltext899708953What’s this 7x7x7x7 Prompt, I wondered. Corinne elaborates it on her blog. She says, grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit it in length to 7 lines.

Now, when I read the word “Poem”… I thought, Nah! This is not for me. Because poetry and me are like cheese and chalk! And soon so many like me, joined the conversation on Facebook giving creative excuses and labelling ourselves as poetically challenged. But Corinne, the most positive person I have ever met (virtually), pushed us to show our creativity in writing 7 lines too! 😀

So, here, I am pushing myself to do this creative challenge… The 7th book on one of the shelf of my library cupboard is… 3’s a Crowd by Vijay Nagaswami. The 7th page of the book reads, “variety is the spice of life”…

Here’s my juvenile 7 line poem, which is inspired by the theme of this book…

Variety is the spice of life…
It surely excites the appetite
Brings a smile that is bright
Always adds to the delight
But in the bond of a man and a wife
It spells strife
And a trouble in paradise.
Ok, a few learnings from this attempt..
  • Nothing is impossible
  • Poetry is truly not my cup of tea!

If you would like to take up this prompt, hop over to Corinne’s blog and link your entry there.

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53 thoughts on “7x7x7x7

  1. Quite good Shilpa, and you happened to have got a very easy, and famous proverb. You were lucky. I tried and found a line from Swift’s collection of essays, and it was all Greek and Latin to me.
    However it is a nice way to challenge ourselves. Such challenges are a good way to boost our creativity.

    • Yes, lucky to get a nice sentence on the 7th line of the 7th page!!
      Have you attempted to do this challenge, Rama? Is it on your blog?? Checking it in a short while. Certainly, these challenges help in ensuring some heightened grey cells activity! 😀

    • No, as I said I could hardly understand what I got, and I don’t have the patience to break my head to write a poem on a line, which was beyond my comprehension. I am too old for all this. Maybe if it was a sentence like what you found i might have been tempted to come up with something.

    • I was reading the comments in the FB chat on this and some were deciding to take up any random book. So you too can try and pick any random book and take off from the 7th page/7th line of that book!! Go on do it!! It would be fun! 🙂

  2. Hi Shilpa,

    It’s great to be at your blog! I can totally relate to the reservations you had about writing poetry. I’m the same.

    Your poem, however, was excellent. Well done! It just shows that we can do such things. 🙂

    • Hi Hiten. Welcome to this space. That’s true, if you decide to do something and put in efforts, something will definitely shape up. It’s all about taking that first step! Isnt’ it?? Thanks and glad that you liked this first attempt! 🙂

  3. The first four lines were rhyming very well. The fifth line sort of deviated from the effect. The sixth and seventh lines are fine, once again. If you can replace that fifth line with something more rhyming, this will become one excellent poem 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • You have to take off from the 7th line of the 7th page of your book, it could be on any subject/genre. Have you seen the links on Corinne’s blog? For example, Corrine has written a poem from the book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’! While Deepa has written a poem from the book, ‘Sacred Travels: 275 Places to Find Joy, seek solace, and learn to live more fully’… Go for it Bhagyashree and let us decide whether it is a bore or not! 😀

  4. Nice prompt and an excellent attempt, shilpa. what’s more the last few lines are what vijay nagaswami often writes about right? about marital relationships

  5. That is a good one Shilpa. I love your poem.

    I had a dream. On July 7 in the horse race course, on the 7th race, horse number 7. Kept coming back again and again in my dream. So I went to the race on July 7th and bet on Horse Number 7 on the 7th race.

    That horse came in 7th. Hahaha. So much for my dream.

    • Oops! Multiple partners in a marriage leads to strife!!
      Spine Poetry is arrangement of book titles and arranging them in clusters so the spines could be read like a sentence(s) or poem. 🙂

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