A Bit Wordy Wednesday

This Halloween pumpkin face flower pot was given to me by Kaddu as a giveaway for the winning a quiz to celebrate the 600th  post on her blog. Since, her pet name is Kaddu, which is the Hindi word for ‘pumpkin’, and the mnemonic of her blog is a grinning ‘Halloween pumpkin’ face, she painted this jar in her official ‘blog avatar’ pattern. Such a creative, apt and unique gift! Appreciate the effort you must have taken to make this gift, Kadambari, which is simply perfect. Love it. In fact it is the first indoor plant in our home and the excitement to take care of it, see the little flowers bloom is a wonderful new experience for us. Thank you for this amazing gift.Recently, there was this fun thing going around on Facebook. It was called Creative Pay-It-Forward! According to it, the first ten people, living in India, to comment on that status would receive, sometime in this calendar year, a gift – perhaps a book, or baked goods, or most likely something handmade- a surprise! There would be no warning and it would happen whenever the mood struck! The catch? Those 10 people must make the same offer in their FB status.

A lot of friends shared this on their Facebook walls and I was lucky to be among the first 10 on Priyaa’s wall. And early this week, I received this surprise gift from her.


Priyaa from Happy Moments… Well Mostly! was inspired to make these book-marks for me after seeing the Spine Poetry on my blog. It was so thoughtful of you, Priya to send me such a meaningful gift. Truly appreciate it and you couldn’t have chosen a more perfect gift for me. Thanks a lot. Aaryan has loved the yellow and blue one and has decided to take it with him to his Boarding School.

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36 thoughts on “A Bit Wordy Wednesday

  1. In both the photos, the background is dark. How do you make them that way? BTW, congrats on the gifts. Handcrafted items like these should have taken a long time to create. Not that I create one daily, but since I have never attempted these things they should be difficult indeed 😛

    Destination Infinity

    • In both the shots there was no light in the room, only the camera flash was used and in the second one, the bookmarks were also kept on black glass…
      Agree, both the girls are talented and must have spent a considerable time creating these. These creative handcrafted stuff is not my forte at all too!

  2. Oh Wow! I’m glad now that I made this pot for you and not a set of bookmarks like I did for Roshmi! You would’ve got two sets of bookmarks then, at the same time! 😛

    Those bookmarks look really lovely. My personal favorite is that orange-brown paper-quilling one at the bottom-right. I like how she’s stamped them all with her blog name. So apt too. Reading time for a book-lover like you would make for some “Happy Moments” indeed, wouldn’t it! 😀

    Do let me know if the plant gives you any trouble, although Hanuman ji (the gardener in my building) promised it wouldn’t require too much maintenance. And plz plz PLZZZZ keep whatsapping me the progress of those blooms! I’ve never seen this plant variety before, and I’m soooo curious to know what they look like in full bloom! 😛

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