Adventures in the Bathroom

For most of us, bathrooms are for that quick wash or a super quick shower. Of course, there are people who like to spend their time in a bathroom at a leisurely pace, pampering themselves or for getting that extra ‘Me time’ too. And then there are people for whom a bathroom is a place to explore and experiment and a place to have loads of fun.

cooltext468162920Ten Things Aaryan Likes to do in the Bathroom!

For our 11 year old son, Aaryan, a bathroom is an adventure zone. He can spend hours under the shower, if the loud, stern, rebuking voices from his parents does not interrupt his fun time.

Bathroom, an adventure zone, a fun field??
Yes, it’s absolute fun for him…

  1. He likes to use different liquids and soaps to bathe. So, apart from the regular and different soaps and shower gels, some days, it could be a shampoo which is used liberally all over the body, some times it is the face wash and once he even used the Tide bar!!
  2. A shampoo should be diluted with water before application, say some beauty experts. I don’t know if he has heard this but he practices it in his own creative style.What’s better than pre-filling shampoo bottles with water. So, when you are busy with a thousand things running in your head and out of habit, tilt and press the shampoo bottle on your palm, as you manage the sudden spurt of watery shampoo which fills your palm and drops on the floor too, you mentally (and sometimes loudly) scream, “Nannaaaaa….!”
  3. A toothpaste is nearing its end. Worry not, it becomes full again. You guessed it right, water is patiently added into the tube too!
  4. A bar of soap lasts for just 4-5 days. That’s because, all the while the shower is on, the soap lies either in the mug of water or on the floor (but never in it’s case on the counter) and needless to say that bars like Dove become a pulp and the hard and transparent Pears become soft and translucent.
  5. Yesterday, I asked him to wash his Crocs. A few minutes later, I enter the bathroom to place his towel and I see that the Crocs are covered in the rich lather of Pears soap!! I grated my teeth and calmly he said that his feet and the crocs would smell wonderful now!
  6. KG’s shaving gel is not left alone too. Thankfully he does not uses it to shave but he uses it sometimes, to wash his hands!
  7. A few days ago, he went to stay with his grand parents at their home. He saw my dad brushing his teeth with a mixture of salt and mustard oil at night. Next day, he does the same too. The only difference was that he used the rock salt which was kept in a bowl since ages as per Feng Shui.
  8. He likes to build up lather with the soap and blow out bubbles with it. He can even splash water on all the walls of the bathroom including the ceiling!
  9. He can stand under the shower for ages but would never let the water touch his face! He is so averse to water on his face that I have to either send him back into the bathroom to wash his face or give instructions to do so, everyday!
  10. After the bath, he likes us to smell his hands or hair and guess what he had used!!

According to KG it is harmless fun while I think his fun leads to wastage too. KG counters that this phase will last for a very short while, while I think he should have fun responsibly, he says… and we continue to argue while the sonny boy continues his adventures in the bathroom!

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48 thoughts on “Adventures in the Bathroom

  1. ha,ha ,ha
    that was a nice one . I agree with you that their face doesn’t get wet .both my son and daughter come out from bathroom with wet towels tied around and a dry face 🙂

    coming to the wastage part ..yeah , I feel we should explain them about wastage and playing with soap is dangerous too !

    • Your kids do the same too!! I dont know why they dont like to wash their faces! 😐
      Oh yes, every mischief ends with a lecture with the pros and cons of the act, some things are learnt and never repeated and some things are forgotten and some times entirely new things are done and the cycle continues…

    • true ! how much we lecture them on many things they do !

      kids have many funny ideas so , by the time we stop lecturing on one they start other …and these are the things we would recollect when they become big and wonder ..where is that little boy who would do all stupid and funny things !

  2. Water in the tube?
    This guy is having some serious fun!!! he he he he!!!
    But I agree with you POV…Fun but with responsibility….wastage of water or other things shouldn’t happen & it is always better to teach early 🙂

  3. What great and amusing adventures your son is having in the bathroom. Some children are so much into experimenting, maybe when he grows up he might get into serious research work.

  4. Lol…tide bar!!!

    And what to say about crocs washed with pears soap…young boy’s mind is really creative!!!

    but i second you on that water wastage part 🙂

  5. Oh god! tide bar! This made me laugh. I wonder how he adds water in toothpaste tube! I used to do point #8 when I was a child. Splashing water on walls and ceiling, I loved doing it. 😀

    • Don’t even mention about the mess in the bathroom!! After so many years of training to the Senior, the results are very poor! So dont know how many years it will take for the Junior to learn his lessons in cleanliness of the bathroom! 😀 😐

  6. Hahah…Shilpa, you are very patient and sweet yaa..These acts of kids are very funny to read when other friends recite them or write them. But when it comes to us, it drives us least me, it does. 🙂 I was imagining how many soap bars you have to pack to his hostel. Haha 🙂 At least Aaryan had the common sense that his shoe would smell good. Mine went to plant some trees and put his expensive Nike in the tub and they soaked for two good days until I realised that they are still lying in the battub and he needs them for basketball the next day…and he bathed 3 times in the same tube without an inch of …..ughh…many hugs to the little one.

    • Patient Me!?! (I am accepting the sweet part, though :D) If this continues for a lil more time, my teeth will become sharp like canines coz of the excessive grating!! 😀
      I know, once the act is over, it is all fun to think and talk about it, but at that time, you are so much enraged! Thankfully they dont give any fancy soaps in the hostel, it is the pink Lux and also they dont have so much time to spend in the shower there… they have open showers (like they showed in 3 idiots) where 8-10 boys shower in a row with a Bai ji standing at the door to control them…
      Oh My God!! Bathing in the same tub thrice!! 😀 These kids… they sure know who to raise our BP!! :))

  7. Wow, Aaryan is certainly enjoying his holidays at home!! I’m not much of an expert but such harmless fun is good, of course once in a while… Crocs and pears brought back memories of my canvas shoes, Aaryan and me are guuilty as charged in that regard 😛

  8. I am with your husband… this phase will last a very short time.. enjoy it… !!! normally my son has a morning school and we all are late risers and there is such a rush that we do not let him bath by himself… but on his holidays geez… !!!!

    that shampoo bottle full of water !!! exactly ! I guess it happens to all us parents !!! you are about to take it and it gushes out !!!!! I could so see myself doing that “nanananaa !!! 😀 😀

    This is such a wonderfully happy post… I loved it ! 😀

  9. LOL….tide bar… crocs with pears.Hugs to the little one and a pat on the back too.

    Yes, i agree to handle such situations is a night mare for any mom but you never know shilpa Great minds emerge out of wash rooms. So watchout…and better take an autograph now itself:)

  10. Woah! “Out-of-the-box-thinking” at its best! That toothpaste bit reminded me of the scene from 3 Idiots where Raju empties the tube and then tells Farhan to put the paste back in the tube. I bet Aaryan will figure out how to do that too!

    It’s quite refreshing to see such an open and creative mind in a 11-year-old kid. Most of us tend to stifle those young minds by the time they are 6 or 7.

    P.S. – That 10th one was THE BEST! “Guess what I bathed with today!” 😀 😀 😀

  11. In our city water is scarce and hence showers were not installed or were deliberately disconnected. Saving water became a habit and it has caught up with me even today – I just can’t let water go waste in any form. I am the first to listen to the over-flowing water (from the motor) and switch it off, generally. Waterfalls is the only place where we were allowed to enjoy unlimited water-falling on us! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  12. Looks like Aaryan is really having fun 😛 wow using Pears to wash crocs..that’s a first and so innovative. Take the good part Shilpa..he is washing his own Crocs.

    I believe this is a passing phase…let him have a bit of fun. Childhood days don’t last forever..

    • Fun he is having for sure! Oh, washing his crocs… he does all the works in and around the house… makes his bed, helps me in laying the dining table, and clearing it later, gets grocery etc from the store… oh he helps a lot! 🙂

  13. How cute and sweet his actions are!! Shilpa, you allow him to have fun, because this mischief will not last long. As he grows older, you will miss all these bathroom adventures. Even he will laugh at his own antics!!

  14. So sweet, for now my 4 year old insists that his miniature animals bathe with him…So while I bathe my son, he bathes his little pals and thats a daily routine! And how can one fill water in a toothpaste tube?? 🙂

    • Cool! Aaryan is past this age but he used to bathe his toys too! Some where perpetually in the bathroom only! Filling water in a nearly empty tube is easy… all you need is patience! :))

  15. Bathroom should be luxurious,wooo..
    Mrs. garg,your son will feel more comfort and enjoy more after watching bathroom designs at my blog. 🙂
    And when he sees a beautiful bedroom,he will definitely ask you to redesign his room once again.. 🙂 🙂

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