The Independence to Eat Right

Whenever I see these two things happening, I always thank God, my parents, my husband, the books that I read, the teachers of my child, the parents who shared their experiences with me, the parents who allowed us to witness their plight.. No, don’t get me wrong, this is not an acceptance speech for an award…


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4 thoughts on “The Independence to Eat Right

  1. Loved the post. My lil monkey eats pretty much everything that is cooked at home. But hasn’t started to eat on his own, yet. Except what he likes. But THANK GOD I don’t have to run after him. He likes his chair very much 🙂 So I guess, he’s on right track.
    I’ve seen my cousins who would do anything to get their 2-3 year olds eat. One of them even entertains by singing and acting. I find it funny and disturbing. They must get exhausted. and this routine isn’t helping the kid either.
    In first year of motherhood, I learned, patience is the key.

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