The Weekend That Was…

15th Feb saw us celebrating our 16th anniversary! In the evening, kid and I had a conversation which reads like this :

He : Ma, please bake a cake for me.
Me : Baby, not today.
He : Please, I need it today and I want it to be heart shaped. (He knows we have a heart shaped Borosil baking tray).
Me : Why do you want the cake today?
He : Please bake one and I can’t tell you anything else.

Promptly I baked a Chocolate Brownie Cake from the ready to bake mix in 30 minutes. He saw it and smiled appreciatively. Next he asked if we had Amul fresh cream. No, I replied. “Can you pls give me money for that?”. I watched him with amusement as I saw a face which was laced with determination, fun and secrecy.

While, KG and I were discussing the happenings of the day , he goes into the kitchen and locks it from inside. 15 minutes later, he enters the room with this in his hands…
On the heart shaped brownie, he had spread a layer of fresh cream and on that he sprinkled some crushed Oreo biscuits.

And among “Awws” and kisses and hugs, we cut the cake. A special day made very special by our child!

I have been thinking of getting the 3 of us captured in a frame by a professional for some time. So, this Saturday, we decided to get ourselves clicked at a studio. My sister suggested that I should get my hair tamed a bit and some basic make-up done from a salon. I bought the idea and went to the salon. A bill of Rs 1200 later, the reflection in the mirror was something that I didn’t like at all. Though all at the salon tried to convince me otherwise. A second time at the salon for make-up after the wedding was a fiasco! The silent stare from the kid and a quick glance in my direction from KG and then his eyes stayed focused on the traffic and road ahead, did wonders to my already agitated state. Anyways, we smiled and posed and got ourselves clicked. A quick look on the camera screen and we okayed one shot. The picture will be ready tomorrow and I am so not looking forward to it. Lesson learnt, ‘Keep it simple’. Later, KG said, “You look beautiful without the artificial make-up”, made my day!

On Sunday morning, I saw an update on Facebook which said, “Special 26, what a movie. Hall mey sabka hans hans ke bura haal ho gaya”. Wow, this is the movie for Aaryan, we thought. Aaryan loves comedy movies and he laughs the loudest and the longest too at such movies. So, promptly we booked our tickets. After a hearty lunch at the Pizza Hut we settled ourselves to watch Special 26. At intermission, KG asked me, “Was that status update about Special 26?”. I said yes, but still checked it again on my phone. We didn’t find the movie hilarious and nor did the rest of the people in the cinema hall. The movie is very good and is gripping and has a few funny moments but nothing which can be classified as “sabka hans hans ke bura haal ho gaya”. Our poor child didn’t like the movie at all as he didn’t understand the concept of fake raids etc. So much for trusting a status update!!

What kept you busy this weekend??

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71 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was…

  1. Awwww…that so cute of your boy 🙂

    Belated wishes for your anniversary 🙂

    Special 26 is a nice movie otherwise but obviously not meant for a 10 yr old.

    • Thank you, Nibedita! 🙂
      True, it is certainly not for kids!
      You will not believe it, but saw this tweet from @hullokitteh which read : I NEVER laugh and clap during a movie, but I did during Special 26, so please go watch.
      Now what will one make out from this??

    • Thanks a lot, Reshma! Yes, Junior is following his dad’s footsteps in this field… he didn’t ask me or his dad about the decorating the cake. He did it on his own… 🙂

  2. Belated happy anniversary! Hurray to 16 years. I agree with the bad makeup at parlor bit. I only got it done twice — once at my wedding which was okay. The second time at the reception was plain atrocious. I was looking so horrific I wanted to cry. Yes, getting a family portrait is on my mind since some time as well. And really kiddo is so sweet. Hugs to him! I watched Special 26, loved it for the reasons you stated. Seriously, who found it funny and why?

    • Thank you Rachna 🙂
      Aah! You have had a bad experience too! Getting the make up done at the salon was such a bad idea! I would have done it better myself!
      Special 26… my point exactly, didnt find anything funny! And then as I shared a tweet earlier from @hullokitteh which read : “I NEVER laugh and clap during a movie, but I did during Special 26, so please go watch.”
      Laugh and clap in Special 26!?!

  3. What an affectionate and creative kid you have! and many more years of blissful togetherness to you both. Stay blessed always.

    Share your thoughts about the make up bit, when i see in magazines before and after make up , i feel the before pics look more beautiful.

    • Thanks a lot for your lovely and warm wishes, Asha 🙂
      I usually use eyeliner and kajal and lipstick. That’s it and I am pretty fine with that. But this one, used eye -shadow (shades of yellow and maroon) along with eyeliner and kajal and the result was terrible! 😐

  4. Adorable kid!!
    Never trust status updates related to movies unless you know the taste of that particular friend. Every movie gets mixed reviews these days. We really need to scan reviews before we make a choice based on them.

    • Agree! Same was for Vishwaroopam… there was so much of uproar and everybody blogged and tweeted and facebooked about how awesome the movie was. While I read this on twitter about the same movie, “What a F-all movie… forget offending Muslims, it offends the intelligence if all it’s viewers” And another blogger friend also shared the same views! So, it is different strokes for different folks!

  5. Happy Anniversary 🙂
    Aww .. such a lovely child you have ! And I have discovered that however basic my makeup skills might be I alwasy end up doing a better job than a salon 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary Shilpa!
    The cake was indeed very thoughtful and creative idea of your son.The status updates are quite unreliable, like I saw the movie “Oh my God” in TV after seeing the status update of somebody saying it is a fantastic movie, turned out i could not watch it for even 15 minutes. I think what is good for some one may not be good for us.
    I have had good experiences with makeup done by Mac people for they are very well trained and the result is very good. If you have a mac studio in your city, you can have a free makeup done there to just check up. But their charges are very high,it was like Rs.5,000 for a single person makeup, but looked fantastic. I have had a few sample makeups done by them. In fact for your photo you could have gone to them saying you want to try their make up for the family photo, they would have done it free, because you are only trying it.
    I am pretty good in makeup myself as I am interested in that, and keep trying various effects by going through makeup tutorials in the Youtube. My husband keeps making fun at me saying i have every make up item in the world. But I just love trying out, keep practicing on myself.

    • Thank you Rama 🙂 yes, his gesture made us feel proud and happy! 🙂
      True, everybody has different tastes and likes. But in this movie, there was hardly anything to laugh at!!
      I did tell them that the make up was for a family pic. And got it done from a salon which has L’ Oreal Professional service. I am not into make-up at all. On regular days, I just use a lipstick and kajal and rest of the times, also an eyeliner! That’s it! 😛
      Will check out Mac next time, if need be! 😀

  7. Awwww how sweet of him 🙂 Wishing all of u lotz of luv and happiness Shilpa.
    I thought Special 26 was much hyped. Err and some people even told me it was a great thriller 😛 😛

    • LOL 😀 Yes you must start with rice!! And then you can graduate to baking a cake. And you can make a cake in a regular cooker on a gas too. Of course Microwave and OTG are the ‘baking machines’ that you can use. 🙂
      Happy baking 🙂

  8. Loving and belated anniversary wishes to you, dear Shilpa! Your son is really very sweet. God bless you all.

    When you talked about the hair taming bit and photo session, I remembered a similar experience and just as your hubby said, it is best to go without make up. We as women look more beautiful when we are natural. But we want to still give it our best and we opt for salons. It never works well for me esp for a family photo snap. I too learned it the hard way.

    Once again Shilpa, here’s wishing you and your husband KG a very happy, love filled anniversary!

    • Thanks a lot, Swapna for your warm and lovely wishes 🙂
      You have experienced the same!! I am off salons for make up, positively! I will do a far better job than these ‘professionals’! 🙂

  9. Aaryan is a very thoughtful child indeed. And wish you a very happy anniversary, belated though. My week wasn’t very eventful but next one could be, we are moving to a new place. 🙂

  10. Wow.. he is so cute.. he planned a surprise for parents all alone..
    Wishing you happy anniversary!
    I heard lot of good reviews about Special 26 and I was even planning to watch it. Thanks for warning us.

    • Thanks A and yes it was thoughtful of him 🙂
      No!! Special 26 is a good movie, good acting and very interesting story line… but it is not funny as was written in a status update by somebody and is not for kids as they’d not understand. Go for it.

    • That really sounds like a wonderful anniversary. Your son is really creative – who would have thought of adorning the cake with crushed oreos? So sweet of him to want to surprise his parents. 🙂 And yes, it’s a good lesson learnt – of never trusting a status update about a movie.

      And I am sure that photo will come out good. Happy belated anniversary to you!

    • Thank you so much DC 🙂
      Even I was wondering about the same… dont know from where he got the idea of crushed oreos.
      Agree completely! Everyone has different tastes! But this one was way off the mark! 😐
      The photo is ok! 🙂

  11. first belated yet hearty wishes on your wedding anniversary; I just loved the family portrait you posted on FB- god bless; the cake looks swell but what the handsome boy of yours did to that cake makes it even more amazing 🙂

  12. Awww, so discernibly sweet of Aryan!! 😉 Belated Anniv wishes Shilpa. and its sort of bad that he didnt like the movie, but children you know one time they like this, another time that. Priorities and level of understanding keeps changing!!

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