Wordless Wednesday – 95

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61 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 95

  1. Actually I came and saw this post. But I as not sure if the person in the photo was you or not. That’s why I went back without commenting and waited for someone else to comment and enquire 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Yeah, even I thought so too! She was the lead dancer and had to dance with a pot containing fire on her head. Of course, she is a pro and performed with ease, but may be the anxiety pangs or may be the child is asking/saying something…

  2. So natural for a child to hug the mother, giving her the warm feeling love and bonding that a child’s hug is bound to give her. Both the child and the mother are happy in their bonding. And you have captured the moment at the right time.

    • Truly LOL at DI’s comment. I looked at the profile pic on my blog and the Blogadda Posts which have my pics, real hard, to see the resemblance with the dancer… didnt find any! 😀

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