You Won’t Know Until You Try…

I remember, exactly around this time, last year, our home was buzzing with discussions about Boarding Schools. While KG and I were all excited about this new journey, AG, our sonny boy experienced an emotional yo-yo. One minute he was all thrilled and the next moment his face was clouded with doubts. And this continued for a while but when we got the appointment letter from the school, he was very clear and his reaction was a “NO”!


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12 thoughts on “You Won’t Know Until You Try…

  1. Why would any parent do anything which is not in interest of their child?
    In my opinion,child must get the feeling of security besides noraml care.You must have given AG the right amount of security–sense of security–much before boarding became a realty.For him what seems important is,My parents are always there for me.
    I feel this gives a child a lot of confidence,a reason to move on and always sgression for success.
    Shipla, AG is your child,but,tell me me if I am wrong in my assesment?

    • You are absolutely right, Mr Chowla. A child has to get the feeling that his parents are doing the best for him, are there for him always, love him a lot… and I believe AG gets that feeling from us! 🙂

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