Q is for… Question

Let’s keep it very simple today…

Here’s a question for you…

What are your take-aways from this A to Z Blogging Challenge?

Share your heart out…
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76 thoughts on “Q is for… Question

  1. Now that is a question that calls for many answers.

    My take aways –

    * The world has so much to offer, only if you care to listen.
    * Talent is in abundance, and so are kind hearted, utterly sweet people.
    * Humor cures all ailments.
    * TEAM work brings out the best in every one.
    * The one percent inspiration you get makes you give the other 99% perspiration easily.
    * We blame too much on our mood – if we want to do something, we’ll do it with or without the mood.
    * Happiness is an attitude.
    * This world has hope – there are so many rational thinkers, reformists, philosophers, feminists, stand up comediennes, and teachers waiting to teach us the next life turning lesson.
    * Women ROCK 🙂 (Sorry Hitchy, men rock too…on the side)
    * Ladakh is prettier than Switzerland.
    * You don’t need to be a human to live a life of a human – you can be a Luci, or a Pablo and be a super human all the same!
    * I am not the only cool teetotaler out there, and yeah, spirits are optional to feel high spirited.
    * Labor of love reaches a new height when I see Corinne carry out the task of keeping the A-Z going so strong.
    * You connect to complete strangers like they gave birth to you:-))
    * Khadhi is the “IT” fabric in many discerning closets across the world, and no you are not singled out!
    * Some people (read kamal video dude), indeed, cannot dance – but can entertain us more than ‘Hrithik Roshan’ nevertheless.
    * Big lessons of life come in little packages.
    * Some moms out there are far more superior than ‘your’s truly’ 🙂
    * A-Z challenge is one of the best things that can happen to any human being, if they are a part of a lovely group like ours.


    * Shilpa Garg is being tormented as we speak – (thanks to the pretend – poems in http://www.doodlingwords.blogspot.com – JK! 😀

    I am very sure I skipped a lot more – but I’ll not spam your comment box!

    Thanks to all the contributors for the lessons learnt, the bonds built and the endless smiles.

  2. Well Aarti’s Mom said it all. Thanks to that talented lady a lot.

    My biggest learning is that,


    For close to many years i did not write blaming it on this writer’s block. Well now i realized it is not merely an excuse but a big lie. And the loss is purely mine.

    I kept myself closed inside a closet and did not interact much. Turned myself to a complete silent reader. And now i am out in the open and embracing each one of you. In return you awesome people have embraced me tighter.

    The power of being with each other is immense.

    The world is beautiful and full of good human beings who are always there to support, motivate, inspire you. They make you believe in yourself even if you yourself fail to believe any more on your own self.

    I can manage to write my posts by stealing a li’l time from my office work.

    The friendship i have developed with all you amazing bloggers which otherwise would not have been possible. And there is so much to learn from each other. This exchange of ideas is great.

    If I want to write I would write no matter what. Even if it means i have to get up at 4 in the morning.

    Ideas can strike you anytime and anywhere.

    I still wait for comments like i used to in the initial days of my blogging. And i feel sad when a posts receives not so many comments. e.g: my P post. 🙁

    i am learning not to underestimate my write-ups.

    I can go on an on……

  3. I am enjoying it very much. I have encountered blogs that I would have never found on my own. Some of them I read only once, while others I signed up for and keep coming back to (like yours) because they were so interesting. I wish I could go to more blogs, but I like to sleep at night. I have enjoyed writing 26 posts and actually having people read them. Will I participate next year if they have it? I honestly don’t know, but I am having a great time right now.

    • Exactly, Nana! Because of this challenge, we have come across such wonderful blogs. Thanks a lot, am glad you find this space interesting 🙂
      Agree, NOW is the time and we all are having a great time doing this challenge 🙂

  4. Preetilata and Arati’s mom summed it up very well for me. But the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is connecting with people uncovering the different personalities. Nice one Shilpa.

  5. Glad you asked. Here goes:
    * I began blogging with the challenge
    * The challenge was introduced to me by someone who is a non-blogger (strange!)
    * I got to meet so many people through this medium
    * I read so much which quantified the gap I had last year
    * My love for reading/writing emerged even stronger
    * I feel more committed to the cause
    * I get to learn so much from all those who have been blogging for a long timw
    * I am again in conversation with myself ( so happy, too)
    * I get to express myself
    * I get to experiment with my writing on the lines of what I learn daily

    Hope this does it!! Thanks for asking 🙂

  6. Firstly I feel great as I got new blogger friends who think like me or unlike me but care to read like I said in my post. NOT SURE if this will continue

    Nextly It feels so good to write every day. Nothing else feels better. Its not challenging either

    A new idea every day keeps me active , happy

    MY husband misses me more these days 😛

    I can laugh , learn and live to the fullest

    I am hope we dont take this and get away and continue small challenges with in our group

    Thanks for posting this today SHILPA

    • I know the feeling of constantly thinking about alphabets… it is fun 😀
      Even if we don’t have challenges, at least we can continue interacting through our blogs, FB 🙂

  7. As for me, i got to read many good posts here. Sometimes, i think blogs have more useful info than newspapers:)

    It also speaks of the creativity, committment and dedication of the A-z bloggers.

    • I agree with that completely, Asha. The blogs are the best guides for tourist destinations, you get to know the correct movie reviews, the analysis/views on an incident, food recipes are cool too… so in all, we get everything on a blog and in a nice and a different perspective too!

  8. Writing gives me a high !
    Its time I chuck my job and pick up my rucksack and my laptop and do the two things I know how to do best – to write and to travel 😛

  9. For starters, discipline begins with taming the mind to stop and nurturing the heart to start speaking. Second, a whole lot of people face the same challenges as you do. But everyone has a different way of dealing with it and hence a different outcome. As a collective whole, it is inspiring. Lastly, friends have a special place in our lives. Online friends have that same special place on the sidebar. And now let me go and sob in a corner…….I am having withdrawal symptoms already………Boooooo hoooooooo hooooooo

  10. Well, as much as I would like to, it is difficult to comment daily 🙂 But I do admire the people who participate in this challenge as I find it quite difficult to come up with even 2-3 posts a week.

    Destination Infinity

  11. Such a thoughtful post Shilpa! Well, my take-aways from this challenge:
    – A routine of writing everyday. I may not continue doing it everyday after the challenge but I after this I am better prepared for such challenges and I know I would write when I need to
    – Amazing friends I have made in the blogging world. This is unmatchable
    – I feel much more confident about myself

  12. This is the first time I have taken up a task for blogging… In someways it is making me blog more…Also I discovered so many new people all over again 😀

  13. That it’s easier to take this challenge in writing than in photography! And that your posts are damn good to read because you keep them simple yet interesting. And you haven’t missed out a day, i guess! So great going!

    • Is it?? We have 3 bloggers who are doing this challenge through their photographs. I guess, for a photography challenge, we need to have a large collection of pics and/or plan all the posts from A to Z and then capture shots as per the plan!
      Glad you enjoy reading my posts here 🙂

  14. Laxmi has covered it all 🙂 We’ve covered so many varied topics… got to learn so much about life, some posts were very educational… posts on environment, the beautiful places which I’m yet to visit, learnt about people, diseases, pets,animals,love,relationships….the list is endless It’s been a good experience being a part of this cool group and also the challenge. By participating I’ve become more confident of my capabilities 🙂 Thanks shilpa for the wonderful post as always 🙂

  15. This keeps random readers like me hooked up… A-Z Challenge shows different takes from different persons and a creative blogger can make anything creative, one just need a reason to blog… 😉
    All the best once again R-Z are still in the row… 🙂

  16. Its been a wonderful journey till now….reading.
    I have been reading all these posts without commenting for sometime,because of my shoulder problem.I read all of them all over again,just in case I missed some.Its been a good experience

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