U is for… Us

This is the most Unimaginative post of this challenge.
And the reason for this is some Unexpected demands at home, which needed Urgent attention and Untiring efforts.
The brain and body have declared themselves Unfit and that’s quite Understandable. Hopefully by tomorrow they both feel less Unburdened.
Until then have a look at the family portrait of three of US!!

That’s KG, Aaryan and Me!

The story behind this picture is blogged here.

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80 thoughts on “U is for… Us

  1. Wow…This pic is really nice albeit the makeup story. Just a thought…this pic of yours and the pic in that clip ‘Men are from Mars’ on the right side of your blog look exactly same 😛

    • Arre I know that is you…but I was jzz thinking whether both these pics are same or different!!! but you cleared the doubt – same top, same poture 🙂

  2. Your looking askance is a personality trait alright…It makes your already lovely face, more intriguing 🙂

    And that was a very imaginative post, and an utterly pretty family 🙂

  3. Problem Understood!

    That is a lovely photo but I have two questions about it

    a- has your face been touched upon?
    b- You have this habit of tilting your head while being photgraphed. Why? 😀

  4. It may be purely unintentional but you have managed a ‘U’which is unusual and ‘awwwww’…inspiring 🙂
    ps..you may need a nazar battu after unveiling this !:D

  5. such a cutely composed post Shilpa, just loved the U for US 🙂 Sorry haven’t been around for a loooong time, will surely take a dekko at all your previous posts that I have missed out so far… Its not easy to come up with a post a day for almost a month, take a bow for that!!

    • Hi Reshma! So good to see you back! How have you been! Thanks… yeah everyday posting is a bit challenging but it was fun and we are glad that we will be completing it successfully! 🙂

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