May Photo A Day : Day 11: Smile

Year 2011, Father’s Day…Aaryan wanted to give his father a surprise, a breakfast by him, for him, which he truly loves… a Half Fry! And the father was truly surprised and more than surprised, he was beaming with pride, to see his son share the same passion for cooking.

Here’s a creative, sweet, lovely, awesome, simply cool breakfast from the Junior Chef for the Senior Chef, with a bit of help from the mother who is just a cook

The layout design is courtesy the lil’ Chef.

No points for guessing, it was not only the plate that had a smile, but there were smiles all around in the family too 🙂

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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45 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 11: Smile

    • Pravin too!! Then it looks like that must be the rule 😀
      May be… he likes doing something or the other in the kitchen… (cooking without fire, I mean) 🙂

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