May Photo A Day : Day 24 : Go

As kids, Monopoly was our favourite game to be played during the afternoons of summer vacations. 5-6 of us would gather at a common place and spend the entire afternoon, counting money, paying taxes, buying and selling assets, mortgaging properties and even going to the jail.

Our first Monopoly set had paper money. Since, it used to fly all around because of the fan above or get torn due to repeated usage, we used to cut the card-board covers of our school copies (they were redundant then, since after vacations we moved to the new class). On these cut card-boards we used to paste our Monopoly paper money. And guess, what we used as glue… it was a liquid mixture of wheat flour and water. It was so much fun.

Next season, our parents got us a new Monopoly set which had plastic coins as money. This lasted us for a lot many years.

This is Aaryan’s Monopoly set which he enjoys a lot with his friends. Whenever they have any query or doubt, they come to me. I am their referee. I tell them to read the rule book, but they love to argue with each other more than focus on the fine print.

A board game like Monopoly teaches some valuable lessons, such as

  • Always keep cash in hand
  • Be patient
  • Focus on cash flow
  • The most expensive asset is not always the best
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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51 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 24 : Go

  1. Loved this take, Shilpa! Monopoly is still one of my favourite board games. Daughter and I play and sometimes, we are at it for hours! And never bored 🙂

    Recently, we found Monopoly on the phone, and I got seriously addicted to it. It is so so consuming. I can go on 🙂 I love Monopoly:)

  2. We used to call it business or trade
    Was my fav game too . Not sure where I lost it as years passed by
    Interesting pic for the prompt
    Good morning

  3. Oh those wonderful vacation pastimes…Fun never seemed to end when we were engrossed in Business or scrabble or good old snake and ladder/ludo… And the silly things we did before rolling the dice 😀
    Love the way you come up with such great ideas for a prompt post Shilpa:)

  4. We used to play Scrabble, carrom, cards and chess in our vacations. Also ludo and saanp seedhi. But later loved Monopoly and Pictionary. Now the kids love playing Monopoly,

  5. Very interesting topic! Oh, how many indoor games were popular those days. Now children do play some of these games but now they are more interested in video games, play station and computer games.

    • True. I have observed that all these board games are taken out only during vacations. They do play these games but their first love is still digital games! 🙂

  6. lovely take on the prompt! sure does teach us so many things…

    and yes who can forget the thrill of playing this game? my son loves it too, and ropes in his grandparents when i am not around…as if it wasn’t enough playing monopoly with me and my sister, they have to play with my kids too!!

  7. We loved playing trade. Aren’t those little houses cute? 🙂 Back then, we could buy whole cities for a few hundred rupees!! Looks like inflation has caught up with monopoly too… 😛

    Destination Infinity

    • Hahah…one silly game….I don’t recollect exactly, but it was something like this..there were two teams..we would sit opp to each member from the opp team would come and close the eyes of the other team members and then a 2nd team member from the opp team itself would come and pinch the person’s nose whose eyes are closed. And then I think they have to identify who pinched their nose…something like that…

  8. Wow, nice take. I love Monopoly. Played it with my cousins recently and was surprised when they gave me credit card instead of those plastic notes and coins 🙁 There’s even a card reader.

    How times change!

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