May Photo A Day : Day 5 : Paper

These are papers alright, but not for us!

These are the precious, priceless possessions of ours which are dearly cherished.

These have

  • Sterling stories : My ball went out of the school. A passer-by threw it back inside. I thanked him. Bhanu is my new friend. He is very creative and is from Mizoram.
  • Tiny tidbits : Someone threw my toothbrush. I have ordered for a new one.
  • Information and intimation: I got 74 in Maths, 46 in Hindi… I am eating well. Don’t worry about me.
  • Small successes : I have ‘qualied’ for the marathon. (‘qualied’ is the slang for qualified!)
  • Failings and flaws: Today we had artificial wall climbing. I was able to climb only till the division. I lost my football.
  • Appealing appeals: Can you send me a Beyblade metal fusion? My tuck is nearly over…
  • Fun with friends : At night we play hide and seek in the dormitory.

These notes have a lot of spelling mistakes and a lot is crossed-out and written again.

These have graduated from a 5-6 liners to a full page now.

These are the messages that we look forward to see with our eyes, read between the lines and feel the expressions shared.

These are the little notes that Aaryan writes to us from his Boarding School…

This post is a part of May Photo A Day.

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56 thoughts on “May Photo A Day : Day 5 : Paper

    • Oh! We ask our security guard a hundred times in a week about his letters despite the fact that the guards deliver the post as soon as they receive it! 😛

  1. Reminds me of the letters we used to write to papa during his CRPF days. Now my nephew writes such letters to his grandpa and I love to read them 🙂 loved the post Shilpa…

    • These hand written letters are absolute treasure. While, my letters to him are more or less instruction manuals (I have to improve on this front), his letters are very sweet! 🙂

  2. Ohhhhh! Priceless indeed! You must have read each one of these hundreds of times, and they’ll probably still make u all senti if you re-read them! My fav post too, for today’s topic!

    LOL @ “Don’t worry about me.” 😀 As if you’d obey! 😀

    Btw, I’m probably way behind times, but what exactly is “Beyblade metal fusion”? 😀

    • Reading them alone is inviting a lot of emotional upheaval 😀
      I know, worrying (thinking) about him is my fav pass time so cant stop doing that, but it is kind of a nice feeling to see him say that! 🙂
      Beyblade are new age spinning tops … originated from a Japanese comic series. They are popular among boys and so much so that there are National Beyblade Championships in India too! 🙂

  3. Awww! prized possessions forever. OK. Tell me something, (just curious as a parent) since Aaryan lives far away from you. Like any other kid, when he asks for things, do you ever say ‘No’? I am sure you must be saying ‘No’, like other parents, depending on what he asks for. But what I am saying is, it must be all the more difficult because of the physical distance?

    • They are… 🙂
      I know what you mean, Reema. We do say No, if that thing is not justified. But mostly his demands are very simple… toys and the junk things (chips, chewing gum, cold-drinks), and we do give in to these demands a bit. 🙂

  4. That is such a sweet thing. He also made a red heart, awwww! Although I am not a ‘heart’ fan but when a child from boarding school sends it to his parents, it is awwwww! 🙂

    • Beyblades are Japanese spinning tops… very popular with boys…
      Beyblade are new age spinning tops … originated from a Japanese comic series. They are popular among boys and so much so that there are National Beyblade Championships in India too! 🙂

  5. wow!!!! Lovely bits of papers that u will cherish forever. I remember, last year when I was cleaning out I found a bag which had letters from my frenz when I had moved to hostel. I have been wanting to write about them but somehow keep forgetting them!!!

    Loved this one 🙂

  6. It was awww in the beginning for me, but by now, reading all the comments, I’ve got tears in my eyes. I understand how much these letters mean to you 🙂

  7. Awww so sweeet!! I know my mom has kept each of the letters I wrote during my hostel days… There’s something about handwritten letters that makes us more sentimental than the emails… You are lucky to receive these precious notes Shilpa 🙂

    • We are glad that they have this rule to write letters every Monday. And I am glad that Aaryan is getting better in writing letters, though my letters to him are like instruction manuals. Need to ask him about is reaction on seeing my letters. We are absolutely thrilled and mushy after seeing his letters 🙂

  8. Awww Shilpa.. that was the most wonderful take on ‘paper’. I thought no one wrote letters anymore. Loved the heart he’d drawn :-). How old is Aaryan?

  9. These little notes left me misty eyed ..
    They are precious Shilpa,I am sure you must have read and reread them over and over…I do that to hand written notes and letters.

    • Oh yes, I am keeping all of them safely!
      I am sure even Aaryan would love to read them when he grows old!
      Thank a lot V, glad you like the varied topics I share here at this space 🙂

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