Your Call

“Sarah was married to you, Saleem”.

“Within a week of your marriage, you left her to serve our country”.

“The war ended after a few months, but you never returned back home. Months turned into years and there was no news of or from you, Saleem!”.

“Sarah’s family re-married her to Danish, last year.”

“After years of living with despair and uncertainty, life smiled again on Sarah”.

“She would often pinch herself to make sure if this was actually her life… healing, blossoming with love again”

“Now your call to her to come back to you. Is it right, Saleem?”

PS: Inspired by the Gudiya’s sad tale…

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46 thoughts on “Your Call

    • Terrible it was. And do you know that after Gudiya died, Arif, the first husband, re-married and his second wife succumbed to blood cancer after a year or 2!! What a tragedy!
      Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Glad you liked this adaptation, ma’am. Ok, was not aware of Taqdeer, but there is movie on Gudiya’s life being made and it would be titled ‘Kahaani Gudiya Ki’.

    • Well said, it speaks a lot about the sad state of affairs… how the decisions are taken by a council on the behalf of the woman and she is forced to follow the diktat.

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