Beautiful Eyes


I remember the day we had accidentally bumped into each other… As we picked the scattered books, our eyes met. The first thing you had said instead of an apology was, “You have beautiful eyes!”. I had smiled despite the pain.That was the beginning of a long relationship.Today, after a frantic search when I found you sitting on the curb, every part of my body sighed with relief. As I wrapped my arms around you, to take us home, you turned around with no recognition or remembrance and said, “You have beautiful eyes!” I smiled despite the pain.

September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day. We are blogging for this cause at Write Tribe. Do read and spread the awareness about this initiative. Thank you!

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68 thoughts on “Beautiful Eyes

  1. That’s what love is… to be with the person you love in every thick and thin of life.

    Beautiful story in 100 words. And yes i repeat, that’s not easy.

    Loved the way you have ended both the parts with same expression. Though the magnitude of love and pain must have increased manifold.

    • Well said, Preeti. Love is for all seasons… it is when you put someone on a pedestal, and they fall – but you are there to catch them.
      Thanks. Glad you liked it 🙂

    • True, it must be so dreadful for an spouse to find that their ill half is lost so deep in the Alzheimer’s tunnel that they are unaware of their surroundings, and worst of all, no longer know who their partners are. It sure is a tough life and needs a lot of love and patience too!

  2. I feels such sorrow for people whose loved ones have no memory of them – or don’t seem to show any. I watched an elderly couple in the park the other day, and marvelled at the lady’s tenacity to deal with a husband who was clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s.
    Your writing is getting better and better, Shilpa. ♥

  3. Nice story. It can have so many angles to it. Reading all the above comments pointed to the fact – everyone is thinking of different reasons for him sitting on the curb. 🙂

  4. The ache of love seems to have added beauty to those eyes that have seen the world in all its colors, love gained, lost and yet lived for… Very touching tale Shilpa!!

    • True, a caregiver’s job is certainly not easy, when a spouse is suffering from Alzheimer’s. No matter what the relationship was before — the disease would change it completely and that would be so trying and exhausting!

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