Why I Write…

I believe, I am a blogger and not a writer. There is a marked difference between the two, which has been beautifully elucidated by a dear blogger, Susan here.


Of course, a blogger writes on her/his blog. So, here is why I write…

  • As life’s journey continues, memories may blur and the facts may be forgotten, I write to record the journey of our life and times. Reading the old posts give me that wonderful feeling of moving backward in time and making the past memories and moments come live in front of me.
  • Our thoughts are like water, they run continuously and may wander in any direction. I write to crystallize my thoughts. Writing crystallizes half-baked or unbaked thoughts, gives them form, and multiply the chains of thoughts in new directions.
  • When the words flow as I write, it soothes and calms me. Sometimes, what I write helps me to verbalize what I didn’t even know I was thinking. I write as it is a creative vent for me.
  • I write for Aaryan to read this account, the tidbits from our life, and construct the story of our life, learn and know our experiences, thoughts and views ‘then’ and memories, when he grows up.

This is in response to WriteTribe prompt and the Thursday bloghop #80 at the Writer’s Post.
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82 thoughts on “Why I Write…

  1. What you have said about being a blogger are absolutely correct. My thoughts too 🙂 Now to go and read how Susan differentiates blogger and writer.

  2. Thanks Shilpa for all that you do. You are superb at blogging and look up to you for so many things.
    Superb reasons to blog here…very valid all of them.

    Good luck!

  3. I totally agree with all your points.
    To hold the reigns of our thoughts and prevent them from scattering away we have to write them down.

  4. I just love the way you write Shilpa:) Your posts have the right amount of humor, real life wisdom and observations, interesting info… I’m sure this’ll be a treasure trove for Aaryan 🙂

  5. The thing i like the most about you is that you have a brilliant ability to convey your thoughts is short and crisp but in a most effective manner. Something i lack big time.

    I admire you Shilpa.

    And yes i exactly write for the same reasons as you have mentioned. While i was trying to pen my own post i have exactly these points in mind along with few more. I can substitute Aaryan with my siblings(though they don’t read my blog) and my future kid. 😀 I wish i could just copy & paste it on my blog. 😛

    • Thanks a lot, Preeti. It’s very sweet of you to say/write such warm words.
      We are in the same boat, NONE of my family members and friends read my blog, so I am pinning all my hopes on Aaryan 😉

  6. Shilpa you are really a gem.Nobody can match your competence and ability to write!! Even an insignificant word comes out of your pen chiselled and sharp. You are brilliant. I consider myself fortunate that I came in contact with in the beginning of blogging journey.

  7. I remember reading Susan’s post and agreeing with it. There is a difference between being a blogger and a writer most certainly. And love all your reasons for blogging!

  8. Blogging could have been much better if bloggers choose to give frank comments/feedback, instead of the ‘Great post’, ‘Keep blogging’, type of comments. In spite of this, blogging does give writers instant feedback on various aspects of their writing and I consider that invaluable.

    I write to learn and share what I have learned. Of course, I also write to have fun 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Agree completely… honesty in writing and honesty in commenting should be there!
      Instant feedback is a big plus of blogging… many writers test their initial story lines/ideas on blogs to get that crucial feedback.
      Yes, writing is a great learning experience too 🙂

  9. Totally in agree with you Shilpa. Loved your last reason for bloggin’g. And it’s so nice to read old blog posts and re-live those moments!!

  10. For some reason I can’t open the link you’ve given. But whatever Susan’s arguments are, I must say that you, dear Shilpa are a brilliant blogger. Infact, I was telling Kajal the other day, that you’re the perfect blogger – you create fantastic content, are wonderful about responding to your comments, and also visiting and commenting on other blogs!

  11. You hit the nail right on the head.I also blog for similar reasons like you :)I love your blog and the way you write. The posts and the topics on which you write are always informative and interesting.

  12. agree with the thought that writing calms me up..I’m not too expressive verbally, and if I didn’t write, I’d kind of clam up….and add to that the thoughts that keep flowing , like water as u said, they just need to put out there on paper(read print), i don’t know any other way to do it!!!

  13. I loved your reasons fr writing Shilpa, especially what you said about writing crystallizing your thoughts in new directions.

    Its always a treat to read you..the way you express yourslf with such clarity is amazing and inspiring 🙂

    Keep writing the way you do Shilpa 🙂

  14. Very much my reasons too for writing. Only difference is that you’ve said it in such a succinct manner. And my method is more long-winded. 🙂 Maybe a reflection of my convoluted thought-process too, compared to your relatively clear mind. 🙂

    Enjoyed reading this, Shilpa. Thank you.

  15. Honestly, if there was blogging when my sons were growing up – I would have loved to store memories too. Wishing him joy through the years, when he goes through the blog and revisits his childhood through his mother’s eyes

  16. Awe..I am with you. Agree that there’s a difference between a blogger and a writer. Writing blogs is relatively easy as it is informal in nature. And as you said, it also helps me record events that are really, really happy, aesthetically cohesive and perfect memories…:)
    You have weaved the reasons aptly, without an iota of artificiality. Love this!

  17. I agree with the third point, for that is one which I can understand and relate to 🙂 When my poetry comes out on to paper, I sometimes surprise myself, and wonder when I had that thought.

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