UBC Day 13 : Haiku – Rain


This is my first attempt at a Haiku, a Japanese poetic form.


Mesmerized child

Glorious palette smiles bright

Storms of life recede

This is in response to the WriteTribe Prompt for a Kigo Haiku

Image Courtesy : Google Images

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44 thoughts on “UBC Day 13 : Haiku – Rain

  1. That’s a good one. Congratulations on your first attempt. One small observation. Your first sentence has only 4 syllables instead of 5.

  2. I read in midway that corinne commented you have fear of poetry! Well you shouldn’t have because you write quite well! And I too wrote on the rainbow side of monsoons, it shows the beauty of rain through colours no?

  3. That is a delightful Haiku Shilpa, welcome to the tiny world of Haiku 🙂 Child’s innocence sees the world clearly than grown-up minds.
    Syllable counting can feel quite complex but essentially it is how you pronounce a word, so your haiku will read
    Mes – mer- ized- child :4
    Glo-ri-ous- pal-ette- smiles – bright :7
    Storms- of- life- re-cede : 5
    Hope this helps 🙂
    I generally use “http://www.poetrysoup.com/haiku_syllable_counter/” for my reference.

    • Thanks a ton, Reshma for sharing some wonderful insights. Of course, you are a pro at it and I need to go learn a lot about this! Have bookmarked the site you mentioned. Will check it out when I attempt my next Haiku 🙂

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