UBC Day 18 : Pulled in Multiple Directions


This picture truly represents my state…

I am pulled in so many directions, and the result is that I am so addlepated  that otherwise an organised me is having trouble focusing!

My earlier plan of scheduling daily posts at 12.01 am is just not happening. I like to write in peace and with a dozen things staring at me in the face, it is tough to concentrate and write a coherent post.

I used to pride myself on responding to all the comments on my blog and today there are 10 posts which have no interaction from my end with the readers. And this is irking me to no end.

I have so many blogs to catch up on. I have this strange fixation of not reading and commenting on just the last post but on almost all the missed posts of every blogger whose blogs I frequent. And that needs a lot of time. Of course, I miss the poetry posts. 😉 So, this is weighing heavy on my mind too.

Our social life has suddenly sky-rocketed. While it is awesome meeting friends and having a good time with them, I am missing the peace and quiet ‘Me’ time, a lot.

Of course, the work at office is piling up too. Oh, I can’t crib about that. I am glad that it is keeping us busy.

The cook is giving me a lot of heartburns. She came today after 7 days! Yes 7 days!! Usually, the cooks don’t take leaves. But my maid specializes in taking leaves. She doesn’t believe in being absent for a day here and there but loves to abscond for days together. I tried finding a new maid these past few days, but no one was willing to work. Reason : The maids have work ethics, they don’t take up somebody else’s work. KG suggested that  I should terminate her services and hire a new one. But the foolish me has given her 12 days of this month to mend her ways or else I’d be glad to say ‘Tata-Bye-Bye’ to her from 1st August. Hope she sticks to her commitment.

My reading has become negligible since the last fortnight. A book is following me everywhere, it is in my bag at work and during travel, it is on my bedside as soon as I reach home, but picking it up to enjoy it is grossly missing. My library is overflowing with books to be read and as if that was not enough and I ordered for 5 more books yesterday. I need to seriously catch up on my reading.

With all these distractions, I am not even getting time to practice Reiki. It is on top of my mind, but am just not able to focus on it. And this is when I want Reiki to become a way of life for me!

I guess, I need to take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly and… focus on one thing at a time… but when will I do that? Or how will that happen?…. Gosh…. the vicious cycle has started all over again….

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49 thoughts on “UBC Day 18 : Pulled in Multiple Directions

  1. Take a deep breath not just once…many times and often…..do that and things will fall in place. Relax, take the top jobs first, prioritize and if i had been you, i would fix the maid first. That said, i know it is not so easy. But RELAX:)

    • Yes… prioritize is the word. Well, I am done with writing a post and replying to all the comments on my blog, now off to read other blogs…
      Thanks Asha for inspiring 😀

  2. I knew you must be darn busy since you are replying to the comments. It happens some days that you get swept away in tons of work. Don’t stress so much. You can always read posts you missed once you get some time. Do what is most important now and schedule the other stuff for later.

  3. Shilpa, slow down a bit 🙂
    I am myself totally messed up on posting daily, writing articles and writing reviews. It just does not happen many times. I promise myself I will finish blogs phase-wise. Picking 3-4 blogs everyday and commenting. I also have the habit of going back to old posts on regular blogs. And I am not getting any social either. Time kidhar hai!
    I am lugging 3 books around because I am that behind in my reading. But I am reading. I want to know which books you bought 🙂
    My cook is going to be out for one month. Her son is very unwell. Poor thing! But I am not fretting over it. Manage kar lenge. It is more important that her son gets back to health. She never takes off more than 2 days a month.
    My walks and yoga are out of the window at the moment 🙁
    But we are looking forward to my son’s 2nd birthday. If I had written all this on my blog, it would have become a post yaar!

  4. We all seemed to have reached a zenith today
    I soooo agree with you Shilpa..
    I make it a point to read all the bloglinks present and comment on each one before I go to sleep…Still I miss out a few posted after that..
    I barely get time to reply on my posts. I need more hrs in a day..
    There is a pull that doesnt make me get out of this challenge..Is it bad, addiction to Online Blogger Friends, temme?

  5. we all need to take breaks, Shilpa. I love to respond to comments but am lagging behind. TAKE DEEP BREATHS every now and then. good for the body and mind. why is time so so stingy?

  6. I’m in the same boat. Am behind on replying to comments, reading blogs and even on posting. But you know what, I’m going to continue with the Ultimate Blog Challenge in that I’ll tidy up all the bits and bobs in August. Hopefully. I don’t have any maid or cook problems and thanks to my sudden insomnia am getting ahead with my book.
    My advice to you is to decide what you will write, and decide quickly, then give yourself a time limit to write and post and comment. After which it’s back to work or your book. How about take away if the cook has run off?
    Good luck 🙂

    • Wow! You are writing a book!! That’s so cool! All the best for it!
      That’s a wonderful piece of advice… will work on it. Thank you 🙂
      As for Take-Aways… well, when you have ardent food lovers and chefs at home (read husband), TAs just don’t work! 😐

  7. Dude! That’s what i feel these days…I usually like things done in an orderly way and during the April challenge I got into the habit of scheduling my posts for 12 as well which I wanted to continue this time too but without much result. Also, I wish I could spare much time to read and post on as many blogs as I’d like too…Its been a while I have held a book in my hand too…so sweetheart, guess we’re all in the same boat….

    Of course this does not help you…the secret though is…take a deep breath and take it from the top now….Good luck !! Hugs 🙂

    • Actually, when we schedule the posts at 12, we have nearly the entire day to read and comment and that’s a much better thing to do. When we post late, the whole thing has a cascading effect and thus this kind of situation!
      LOL 😀 Loved your advice 😀

  8. I think you are taking up too much, after some time you lose focus, that is why don’t take up such challenges that the challenge itself becomes a challenge. Who do you want to prove that you are capable of taking up challenge?
    Life itself is a big challenge and aren’t we all doing fine in addressing it in our own way.
    Of course each to his own.
    For me life can go at its own leisurely fashion, and when challenges come my way I will deal with them in own sweet way, I am not going to invite challenges into my life. Stop for a while and enjoy your life, I think in the middle of all these challenges you are missing many beautiful moments.
    Wish you all the best!

    • I love the way you write, Rama. 🙂
      Oh, I am not proving anything to anybody with these challenges. I enjoy these challenges as they stimulate and excite me. It is just that this time around too many things have landed in my plate. Thanks a lot for your wishes, Rama. 🙂

  9. feel free to shoot me 😛 😛 but when you wrote that you were being pulled from all sides.. I actually imagined Donald Duck flat like a rubber sheet being pulled and the nose suddenly pops out hahahahahahahaha… yes I am evil you plight made me laugh 😛 😛

    Hope you get everything back on track ♥

  10. I am sorry about your situation. I am not giving you any suggestion/advice. I will tell you what I would do in your situation. I will prioritize my duty/responsibility and wishes. Blog related stuff will be at the end of my list.

    Living here, I am jealous of you having a cook/maid.

  11. Yeah life sometimes gets really busy all of a sudden.. same thing happened to us last month.. this month I am just lazing around at home on weekends.. not going anywhere and just going to relax.

  12. Well Shilpa, while a post-a-day-challenge is fun and I wouldn’t say just take a break, it is perfectly ok at least to not burden yourself with the guilt of not having replied to the comments and visiting all the older posts you might have missed. After all it is only 24 hours in a day, how much can one squeeze into it?

    • Giving up is just not happening. It is all sorted out now. Life is smiling once again. Thank you so much. Appreciate your support, Reshma. 🙂

  13. 😀 😀 😀
    I know the feeling… can totally relate to it at the moment! Thankfully, I’m not acquainted with so many bloggers as you are! 😛

    And you know… my preggie maid finally quit! Yupp! Just like that! Without any warning. 😛

    “Prioritize” is the keyword here. Somebody mentioned it above. I had to quit from UBC on my 2nd blog (I had joined from 2 na).

    Reiki is something that I need like air currently. And thanks to the indiblogeshwaris, I’m finally being able to devote at least an hour daily for some form of exercise too.

    Life is manageable… barely. Definitely no daily blogging challenge next month! 😀

    • Oh my!! Did you get a new one?? The maid love giving us heart attacks 😀
      Hats off to you for managing 2 blogs daily!! 😀
      Will talk to you soon about Reiki. You inspire me for this 🙂
      Certainly, NO daily blogging challenge next month! 😀

  14. Shilpa same here. I hate not replying to comments on blog and in my case the number is less than ten posts but nevertheless pending. And when has anything gone by our plans? Tell me when was the last time it happened in your life? A lot of things will go awry but despite all of that we are loving your blogposts 🙂

    • True, life has its way of springing up surprises every now and then and turning our plans all topsy and turvy! 😀
      Thanks a lot, Richa. Glad you like the spread on this blog 🙂

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