UBC Day 20 : Spine Poetry – 8


The concept of book spine poetry appeared in 1993 with Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books project. Katchadourian began collecting interesting titles and arranging them in clusters so the spines could be read like a sentence(s) or poem.

Katchadourian’s Sorted Book Project manages to become more than an experiment in medium. Her playful photographed poems are sometimes cleverly arranged jokes or amusing images, but at other times, they are short and stunning thoughts on the nature of art and artists. You can see all the series at her website.


The Secret Wish List

  • Toke
  • Vodka
  • Men on My Mind : Dear John & Shantaram
  • Losing My Virginity
  • Perfect!!
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43 thoughts on “UBC Day 20 : Spine Poetry – 8

  1. Hey you changed the looked of the blog…it looks great.

    And the spine poetry…sorry I don’t really get that much…someone told me its based on the books lined up randomly which may make some poetry. Would love to know more!

  2. Two things..
    1. Loved the new look!!!! It is serene and charming 😀
    2. I liked the topic introduced..Checked it out..U know Shilpa, U are always a game changer..U bring about change..break monotony..I like that about you..Cheers 😀

    • 1. Thanks a lot, D. Am thrilled with your feedback about the look of the blog 🙂
      2. Spine poetry is a wonderful, interesting, creative and challenging form. I simply love it! As for change… well, change is good! Isn’t it? Thank you!
      Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Sunita! Glad you liked the new template 🙂
      How’s The Secret Wish List? I haven’t read it as yet!
      Do try Spine Poetry with your books 🙂

    • Spine Poetry is so addictive, I tell you!! I was doing it at a book store too. I couldn’t click the picture though! 🙁
      I haven’t read Shantaram as yet… hope I get my reading act together soon 🙂

  3. All this poetry business!! 😀
    I read the links and I’m still confused! 😉

    nice template and your blog looks so cheery and nice! 🙂

    • Ohoo… this is not that regular poetry!! 😀 Even I cant get that! 😉
      This is arrangement of book spines to read like an interesting, amusing or a simple/profound sentence or a poem!!
      Read this post again!! 😀

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