UBC Day 6 : Lost Treasure

cooltext1108140704I was waiting for my bus and it started to rain. Out of nowhere, he got under my umbrella. The initial shock gave way to a smile.

There was something nice about him that I couldn’t put my finger on.

A beautiful relationship was thus born.

Then one day, out of nowhere he said, “It wouldn’t work anymore between us.

It was tough to accept that our paths had changed, initially.

But now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

We grew up as individuals because of our love.

The love we shared is a treasure. So, what if I lost it.

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40 thoughts on “UBC Day 6 : Lost Treasure

  1. Shilpa,
    I love your post..So much..
    As you subtly expressed, I believe that we live life in phases…
    THings needn’t be eternal..If it is, perfect..if it isn’t..let it go.
    That doesn’t take the ethereal feeling one had in that phase..
    why spoil that..
    Maybe people are their for a phase for a reason only the two who realize it later..
    We all will be so happy if we live our lives cherishing that..
    I love the depth expressed..I really cant express the connect I feel with your thoughts.. Thank you..:’)

  2. wow!
    you are right. passage of time changes us and sometimes, our journeys and destinations are different. But, love is still a treasure.

    beautifully said 🙂

  3. love is eternal… and circumstances, equations, situations etc have no bearing on it… it stays that way forever! so beautifully described..i esp loved the first line..the initial shock gave way to a smile. it rung a bell actually!

  4. Shilpa what a touch of finesse. The sheer simplicity of words has conveyed the whole story, we don’t need to know more. That’s why I say it might be tough to write in less words but when you do the outcome is out of the world 🙂

  5. The impossibility was sudden as I see.
    the beginning was romantic as only rains can lend that.
    The last part is a bit difficult to reason, I suppose.

    You have done well with the words ,made it simple and elegant to feel.

  6. Agree. If you love someone/something, you just need to let go, and if it comes back, it belongs to you, to treasure a lifetime.

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