Wordless Wednesday – 100

2013-08-06 13.57.33

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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – 100

    • Working as a road construction laboror. She is visible in the pic. As she progressed with her work on the road, she carried the child and her swing ahead too… .

  1. Life is all about braving the odds, and a mother always toils to give her best to her child. The kid is forced to learn the harsh facts of life very early. Nice capture Shilpa!!

  2. Shilpa,this is only one.I have done a study on poor children and children in orphanages..It is a very sorry state of affairs.I have Q to all readers.We have 3.3 million NGOs in India ..equals ,one for every 400 citizens?Has any NGO approached you?Why are NGOs not concerned about these poor children?
    It is time civil society stood up.
    It’s really shameful .

  3. Wow! The idea of such a cradle is creative. while many spend on buying expensive cradles , this lady has creatively done and you said in your comment she carries it to. Both serve the same purpose. Hai na, shilpa? Hats off to moms who work like this. Nice capture and you were supposed to make a post on photography tips… remember the promise.

  4. I so want to hold the kid and say dont cry..you mom will come soon.
    Its really sad state of affair in our country…there are thousands of such kids on street..I really wish government should build some kind of free day care for poor kids..

  5. A lot of construction is going around my house, and I see so many tiny tots playing around the place of construction [where their parents are working] in dirt and especially at risk. We take so much care of our kids; and look at them, same age but left at God’s mercy. We watch our kids all the time when they are very little, who is watching these kids? But life goes on for them 🙁

  6. Reminds me of my days in Ahmedabad. A bunch of ppl lived on the footpath near my place which was on the main road. On one hand were we who used to get irritated with the sounds from the road and here were these people who used to get a sound sleep in the same noise.

    One adapts to all kinds of situationa na? Zindagi sab sikha deti hai!

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