cooltext1108140704.pngI am seeing a lot of strangers visiting our home, since the last few days. Mom- Dad have been chatting with them, and then they look at me. Soon the spotlight is on me. Some people see me with curiosity while I can see love in some eyes.

Am I imagining or is Mom wrestling with guilt.

Dad was explaining something to Aaron, but the child simply balked and refused to meet his eye.

Dad then came over to me, patted my back lovingly and said something about the newborn’s allergy, and I knew it was my last day there.





Linking this to 100 words on Saturday at Write Tribe prompt of β€˜I knew it was my last day there’.

Also linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and October’s NaBloPoMo.

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79 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. That was a beautiful take on the prompt!
    Reminds me of the time when my in laws had to move their dog ‘Gullu’ from the house to the kennel, when I returned back after delivery, not because the baby was allergic, but I was not ok with the dog jumping all over me.
    I don’t hate or hurt animals, but I like them only from a distance.

  2. Awww noooo. Whenever I read some dog post I always feel like quitting my job now and getting myself a puppy. I don’t want to take up a dog with job because that would mean another complaint against work (I dont get enough time with my dog πŸ˜€ )

    I lurvee the picture too!!

  3. Shilpa, Your write brought a lump this end. I love dogs and want to bring a new one home after i lost my 13yrs companion but….! Kudos to you for a fine piece of write.

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