Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year when my OCD for cleaning reaches an all time high. Yes, it’s time for spring-cleaning. Diwali is around the corner.

I made a list. Yes, my no work starts without a list. KG saw me preparing this list of things-to-do room-wise. Since he is familiar with my routine…. clean everything single-handedly during the day and cry/crib during the night for the aches and the pains. He tried to distract me from my mission saying that our home looks absolutely clean and there isn’t any need for me to waste my energy over mundane things. While, I found his words very endearing, KG knew that he had just wasted his breath!

So since the beginning of this week, I am doing something or the other and ticking off the done things from my list. While sorting the cupboards, I realized that I have so many clothes which I have not worn for years!! Some have sentimental value attached to them, some I believe, I would fit in one day, AGAIN!! While there are some clothes which no longer suit my dressing sensibilities. This time, I let my head rule the heart and let go of a huge pile of clothes. The maid took a few of them and rest have been packed to be given at Mother Teresa Home. I can feel the cupboards breathing a sigh of relief.quote

This spring cleaning made me realize that there are so many things that I probably own too much! Take for example the bed-sheets… I have so many single bed-sheets with cartoons which were used for Aaryan’s bunk bed. Now that we have disposed off his bunk-bed, I somehow, don’t have the heart to give these bed-sheets to anybody!

Another ‘too many’ at our home are tacky useless gifts that we have received from our ‘friends and well wishers’!! The vases, the wall clocks, the photo frames, the framed landscapes or pictures of gods… I don’t know, how they keep multiplying in the cupboards!

My library cupboard is overflowing with books but I strongly believe that one can never have too many books.

I also found so many things which I thought I had lost, during this spring cleaning!! 😛

Today, it was time to spend some time in the kitchen. The ‘some time’ lasted 5 hours!! I was shocked and embarrassed to see the number of plastic takeaway containers of different shapes and sizes, lunch boxes, water bottles, freebies like sippers, plates, spoons and forks, which were occupying huge space in the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are feeling so light and free as their rarely used occupants have been given to the eager-to-take maids and the kabadiwala who was so happy to find new stuff other than the newspapers from our home.images I haven’t figured out though about the odd set of glasses that are adorning the crockery almirah!

The fridge is looking so sparkling clean and organised that I am finding excuses to open and admire it.

My fingers are tired and aching with all that scrubbing and cleaning, but they are so happy to type this post.

KG just came back from work, moments ago and I took him to the kitchen to admire my hard day’s work. He looked around and said, “It looks just the same!!” Aarggghhh! What was I expecting??

Linking this post to the Ultimate Blog Challenge and October’s NaBloPoMo.

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56 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Shilpa this is hugely inspiring.. Hugely. The cleaning happens in my house too but almost everything goes back in where it came from!!! I really need to declutter. When you talk of cupboards breathing sighs of relief I can so visualise it. Need to get going. As for husbands they never ever notice clean houses or weightloss.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…On the moveMy Profile

    • I know what you mean, OM! Some things, are taken out every year, (though are never used) and they go back to the same place every year! But have seen that de-cluttering and giving away is very satisfying and therapeutic too.
      And it happened today too… I showed him the changes that I had done in a room and KG couldn’t spot the difference!! 😐 Felt like banging my head 😀

  2. My husband says that the things from the cupboard find their way to the maid or are being discarded.He says that this is not cleaning. The wardrobe and the cabinets are lighter and neater.

  3. It is amazing what a person can find when you decide to do a thorough shake down and clean the house!! Treasures untold can be discovered! Every now and then it is good to purge the house of all the clothes that are no longer regularly worn, and in our case, the toys that are no longer played with. Stuff accumulates at such an alarming rate!! ♥
    Kathy recently posted…Falling to SleepMy Profile

    • Agree, if you dont clean up/sort the stuff regularly, you can have big piles of everything… right from papers to clothes… toys…
      I like the feeling of satisfaction after clearing the unwanted/unused stuff! 🙂

  4. Interesting post. I read the “if you haven’t used it or thought about it in a year, then get rid of it.” My luck, after I did that, I would desperately need that within a week.
    SG recently posted…Wedding CrashersMy Profile

    • It happened today, I was standing in a room for a good 10 minutes and didn’t know where to start the process from 😐 Cupboards and drawers are great starting points, I guess 😀

  5. on the same mission…cleaning i mean. Though i have very few things to throw, since i periodically give away all those gifts to the maintenance cleaners and other service providers. What i don’t want to throw and (don’t even use ) are those vegetable choppers, steamers, citrus squeezers, chilli cutters, pop corn makers and knife sharpeners which are looking brand new and never used. All picked from the various consumer exhibitions buckling to smart marketing. So, they go back to the same space and I end up rearranging instead of throwing them out.

    And after cleaning, ditto comment (Like KG’s) i get from the H too.
    asha balakrishnan recently posted…River walk across Bhadra – Reliving an old travel taleMy Profile

    • Aah! The vegetable choppers, steamers, citrus squeezers, chilli cutters, pop corn makers and knife sharpeners… we all have stories about these interesting but never used gadgets! I used to buy these unusual and ‘useful’ gadgets whenever I saw one… but not now! I simply ignore them at exhibitions where they are usually sold! 😀
      Oh! You get similar responses too! *SIGH*

    • LOL 😀 The trick is to have the foresight to know what would be useful and should be kept and what should be simply thrown away! It lessens the burden that way! 🙂

  6. I had to put the cleaning mission on halt for two days as we had guests at home, today they left and now other guests have informed of their arrival in the evening on the phone… I will continue the mission from tomorrow now.

    I haven’t so far found any lost thing this season but yes those take away plastic containers are actually occupying a hell lot of space in our kitchen.

    • Oh these plastic containers!! How much we love these free ke dabbe!! And this is despite the fact that I have so many Tupperware and other nice containers… big/small/medium! 😛

  7. Enjoyed the post. I also give away Kids clothes every year but the clothes as you mentioned in which we might fit again are really hard to get rid of. May be I will take some inspiration from you. 🙂
    Nidhi recently posted…Diwali Craft IdeasMy Profile

    • While the kid’s clothes are so easy to give, coz we know that they’ll never fit in them again but for our clothes, we have this eternal hope that we will reduce someday and fit in our older clothes someday!! Sigh… that never happens though!

  8. I loved the post…
    I agree too… I have such piles of clothes that I bet would never wear..
    And yeah! Nobody can have too many books!
    Ouch! Its a pity that your dear husband didnt notice your hardwork…
    But what to do? Men cant really notice or observe!

    • Glad you enjoyed reading this post, Locomente!!
      Giving away is the best thing… it de-clutters the cupboards and gives the motive to buy more too! 😉
      Husbands… well they are just the same everywhere!! 😀

  9. Aha,first of all,lets not say that husbands don’t appreciate the cleaning up efforts.They do,so silently.
    I know,my daughter does exactly what you are describing.For ages,she has been donating all that stuff to the Blind School.
    B k chowla recently posted…CHITS & CHEATSMy Profile

  10. Declutter the home is top on my priority but, this time I am not going to give myself the Diwali deadline. 🙂 Simply because Diwali is coming too soon!!! and the Diwali holidays start just one day before Diwali! And Husbands seem to be a breed together. I say, “You don’t appreciate me enough” to which the reply in one sentence without emotion is, “I do appreciate you. See, here, I said it again, I appreciate you!” 🙂
    Poornima recently posted…D is for Diwali, D is for DeclutterMy Profile

    • Diwali is coming too soon?? 😀
      But yes, take it easy and do it at your pace!
      Husbands… they have the same genetic composition I guess as far as appreciation goes!

  11. Oh am so legging behind in reading all your post. This need to be rectified.:)
    Just reading your post reminds me how terribly am goona miss Diwali preparations. All the spanking and cleaning, giveaways to kabarivala’s and maids, shopping n hopping for diya’s n decor. No doubt it takes a good amount of toll on your muscles n bones but the outcomes always leave you with a satisfactory sigh and a feeling of triumph.

  12. This year I will miss this annual ritual, thanks to the move. Most of our de-cluttering got done when we moved our home 🙂
    But I agree,most men are blind to orderliness at home…
    Reshma recently posted…CloudsMy Profile

  13. Ha ha my favourite time of the year too. I am supervising my 2 helps in cleaning everything inch-by-inch. But half the time I jump in too because no matter what they do, it does not look good enough. But I have to keep the toddler engaged otherwise he starts climbing up the ladder or cabinets etc. I also believe in decluttering. I like keeping minimum things. I am not really a hoarder but of course, we all have clothes, we wish we would fit in some day…sigh!
    Reema Sahay recently posted…8 Reasons To Judge Other Mommies [and Daddies]My Profile

    • Wow!! Lucky you… 2 maids to do all the needful for you! My 2 maids just do the regular work. They dont have time to take up extra work for more money! 🙁 Yeah, the clothes… sigh… wish we could fit in old clothes some day!

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