What Happens When…

Aaryan is back at his Boarding School


  1. A Tired Me : The journey tires me! To give you an insight about the traveling hours…We start our journey by a Volvo bus at 9.30 pm on Day 1 and reach School at around 3 pm of Day 2. A quick lunch at the restaurant near the school, a quick settling of things in the dorm cupboard, a super quick bye (I don’t like prolonging it) and I am back at the Bus Stand to catch the same bus on its return journey at 4.30 pm. And I am back home at 8 am on Day 3. So a nearly 36 hours on the road. Yes, we have explored the other travel options and this is the best that suit us.
  2. A More Tired Me : The OCD for cleanliness hits me big time. The entire week that Aaryan was home, I practiced ‘let go’ of my mania for orderliness and the neat look of the home. And no, I don’t believe in taking it easy or doing a few things a day. So, the home cleaning spree took 3 hours today. And at the end of it all, I was tired like a monkey in the rain!
  3. The Silence : … I slept for 4 hours without any Haaaawww or Weeeeeeee or Huuuuurrrrrr from the Angry Birds, or the screeching of the tyres from the car racing games or the frequent closing of the fridge with a bang!
  4. The Silence… : The silence is deafening though. Am missing his chatter and presence already!
  5. Intercom is Silent too : There are no calls from his friends on the intercom. On Saturday, he had gone out with his Dad for a short while and I must have entertained some 15 calls from his friends.
  6. It’s Just the Same : The home looks just the same, the way I left it before I retired to the bed to ward of tiredness. Everything is at its place and the home doesn’t look that a mild hurricane has hit it! The kitchen slab is spotlessly clean too as there was nobody to do experiments with nimbu paani or make cheese sandwiches with sauce spread on the plate as a smiley.
  7. No Suggestions nor Requests :  Before the breakfast dishes were cleared from the table, he had suggestions or requests for the lunch and the dinner menu. And this filled me with so much of motherly delight and eased so much pressure from my grey cells. Today, the cook and I had finished our evening cup of tea and still both of us were indecisive about the dinner menu.
  8. No Instructions : KG jokingly seriously (aah… whatever) tells me that I come with an instruction manual, coz I am forever giving ‘tips, suggestions’ to the 2 men in my life. I guess, this time, Aaryan would have endorsed his father’s claim as I had so many things to remind/tell/ suggest/ ask him. While he is free from the frequent lectures, I am missing talking to him on ‘important’ issues.
  9. No Hugs and Kisses
  10. Aaah! I Miss Him…

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33 thoughts on “What Happens When…

  1. Though you had used no such word as to express it yet the sadness from your heart had flown into the post from first word. I could somehow guess it right from the start or perhaps feel it. Well december is round the corner, just a couple of months to pass in between sweetie 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Every mother goes through this, and it is so contradictory, we miss them also, we love them also, and we can’t stand their mess also.
    Sometimes I wish we could be more like men who are not bothered one way or other.
    Your bus travel really sounds too exhausting.

  3. You jumped into cleaning after that arduous trip ? God ! 🙂 what’s like a good sleep post a tiresome job? And yes I know it would be tough to let him go again and I hope all the cleaning took your mind off the last point. Take care 🙂

  4. Such a nice warm post. I can understand how you must feel…I sometimes miss my li’l one when I am at work and sometimes when I am at home and she goes out to play with her friends. I can estimate how you must feel not having him around to cuddle, kiss and pamper for a long time….no worries, winter vacation are nearing now 🙂

  5. I can totally understand your feelings, Shilpa. Such a well-written post! It’s the same when my son goes to Kerala for his summer holidays for one long month. My house looks spic and span but feels so empty and soul less without him in it. It feels as though life loses meaning altogether when our children are not with us…..it’s a scary thought and sometimes we need to let go of these thoughts and set them free so that one day when the children have to leave their nests, we – their mothers – don’t fall apart.

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