What Happens When…

… Aaryan is home.

As some of you know, Aaryan our 11 year old sonny boy studies in a Boarding School. He is home for his week long autumn break…

  • The living room, the bedrooms, and the dining room look like school classrooms with books and notebooks, pencils and colours lying everywhere. Project work is done on the dining table as there is larger space to spread all the papers, files, books, colours. Maths is best studied in the living room and French comes easy when lying on the stomach in the bedroom…
  • I get to learn a lot of new slangs used in the school. This time I was explained the concept of Tuck Raid. Tuck is the goodies (biscuits, juices, chips, cakes, cookies, chocolates etc) that we send for the child. These are the things kids eat in their dormitory apart from their 3 meals and a evening snack break. A notice is put on the board that on a certain date there would be a Tuck Raid by the House Masters, and that any Tuck found would be confiscated. So, all the children in the dorm share and finish their Tuck before the raid and party. And of course, I get to learn French too, of course Google the God helps me when he has a query!
  • There is a constant chatter at home as so many stories are shared about kids from school and some of them are those whom I have never met. Of course, when I go to school to drop him or pick him, I love seeing the faces of those names!
  • The intercom never stops ringing as his friends keep calling to decide on the games they’d play and the time and the place too. After all they have so many options to choose from… cricket, football, cycling, games on PSP or Tablets, hide and seek….
  • Kids from the apartment complex greet loudly with “Hello Aunty or Namaste Aunty”. What amuses me is that these same kids act as strangers when Aaryan is back to school. Though a couple of his best friends always stop to greet and enquire about him, unfailingly!
  • Need milk at 8 am? Or cumin powder at 8 pm? I just have to say it and Aaryan dashes to the Easy Day store which is in our apartment complex.
  • The dinner invites increase as family and friends call up to ask about Aaryan’s favorite dishes.
  • The father-son duo gang up and overtake the kitchen completely, cooking newer and some favorite foods every day. No, I am not complaining!

What I am complaining though is that all this is coming to an end this weekend.

Of course, all this will start once again when he comes back in December for his 3 months vacations!

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62 thoughts on “What Happens When…

    • Thanks, we are having a great time, though we have to study a lot too!
      Yes, he had the option to study Gurmukhi or French. He opted for french 🙂

    • Cool! 😀 It is really funny, kids of all age groups suddenly know that I am his mom 😀 He helps in cooking his Dad, has a lot of suggestions for me and he makes things which do not require the use of gas! I guess, he will cook like his father very soon! 😀

    • Only 3 months vacations in Dec-Jan-Feb then 2 one-week vacations in June and October. No summer vacations for them! So it is just like your school, only the seasons of vacations vary 😀

  1. I know it’s hard each time they come and leave…enjoy thoroughly when he is here..and I can imagine your crisp clean house with all his papers and crayons 🙂 And the tuck raid sounds fun..

  2. Okay I always knew what is tuck raid, thanks to many hostel friends. And as for the greeting aunty is getting I believe that is very sweet. I always become happy to know friendship still has space in children’s life. And super cute that he rushes to get you stuff 🙂 God bless you and him 🙂

    • I was amazed at this tuck raid thing 😀
      There is this Aaryan’s friend from his earlier school, can you believe it, this child calls me every 2-3 months and asks me about Aaryan and his school. What I like about this child is that he still remembers his friend (they have not met since the last 2 years) at such a young age, when distractions are plenty and you are still not so mature to value/understand friendships.
      Yeah, at this age, he is super keen to go out and buy stuff, hope he does it when he is older too 😀
      Thanks a lot, Richa. God bless you too 🙂

  3. How wonderful to have him home! I can’t imagine what it would be like to only see my kids only on holidays and realize how happy I am to see them daily. Enjoy!! He sounds like activity and excitement follows him wherever he goes.

  4. It is the other way round. My daughter mostly keeps to herself. But, the house becomes somewhat chaotic when my son comes back from school…and it is when I crave for silence. And, when kids are out for the whole day, I miss them. 🙂

  5. I am sure you are waiting to get all these back in December. Sending the son to buy things from grocery shops and other chores is my favourite pass time. When he was younger it gave him a feeling of being a grown up. Now, he picks up the phone and orders the stuff! 😀

  6. Shilpa, it is the same even when kids are grown up,with houses of their own. When they are here everything is in a mess, but never the less it is so much fun having them around.
    Enjoy your days with your son.

  7. Tuck raid? Tuck never lasted more than a day. OK a week if you were really lucky. More than that, you either didn’t have friends or were a secret hoarder like ‘J’ who would hide rather than share. December vacations? I am guessing it’s a Hill School – I spent a few years in one of those too. It’s fun to be a boarder, you make friends with whom you have a stronger bond than you would have otherwise had. Plus a whole lot of little things that build your independence.

    • We send quite a LOT of tuck to Aaryan believing that it would last a month. And when we speak to him after a week, he always says, “it is nearly over”. When we prod him and we never get a satisfactory answer. I am now realizing after reading your comment, what actually is happening! 😀
      Yes, you are bang on. It’s a hill school. You studied in which school?

  8. Aaryan told me that some kids focused more on eating tuck as compared to the regular meals. So they decided to finish it all so that boys are back to eating healthy food! 🙂 He did! Thanks J 🙂

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