I Don’t Understand This

The other day, I saw an advertisement for V-Guard Water Heaters on television.

The advertisement shows that a woman is traveling in a crowded bus and a pervert touches her inappropriately and then later she is eve teased by 2 men.  All these troubling issues the woman faced are shown getting ‘washed out’ in a shower of hot water. The voiceover says ‘Dho daliye roz ki parishaniyaan, perfect hot water bath ke saath. V-Guard Water Heaters’.

I found this on the YouTube, which looks like is the complete advertisement and has other issues like colleagues gossiping at work and an abusive boss as well.

What is this advertisement trying to tell us? Or what were the thoughts behind this storyboard?

Is this advertisement trying to tell us that one can wash away such irritating-harrowing-disgusting experiences with a hot water shower?

Does this hot water shower washes away this irritating-harrowing-disgusting experience of somebody harassing you,  from the memory too.

Experience, books, newspapers says that such experiences which outrages your modesty stays with you, haunts you, leaves you with psychological scars, for a long time and sometimes forever. So, I am wondering how can these be washed away by a hot water shower?

Looks like these humiliating experiences which most women go through daily, can be washed away from the thoughts, the memory just like one can wash away the dirt, germs and grime. Of course, it has to be hot water shower and not a regular cold water shower.

Or is this ad saying that the incidents of eve-teasing and molestation are as casual as the dust or grime we come across on our way? Or is it suggesting that this menace of eve-teasing and molestation is an acceptable norm of our society?

V-Guard has had some weirdly funny advertisements for its Inverter/UPS in the past too. Link. But this advertisement for Water Heater is something that I am not able to comprehend or understand the sense or logic behind it. Can you please explain?

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57 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand This

  1. Shilpa, exactly what I was telling my folks. I am outraged that they can think a simple hot shower can wipe out the disgusting experience. I can understand if they show fatigue, tiredness or – a bath to feel refreshed and the health benefits.

    The ad is disgusting. But then, so many ads are like that these days!

    • When I saw the ad for the first time, I was so shocked… I mean, how can a shower be a solution to these issues!! True, wonder what goes on in the ‘creative’ heads!!

  2. They think such a humiliation is a every day activity and a hot shower can wipe it out completely even from our mind. When such renowned companies comes up with such disgusting ads as a way of marketing that just worsens the situation.

  3. I haven’t seen the ad myself, but from what you say it just looks like another misguided misogynist pig who has come up with the concept for the ad, and what is worse is that multiple people and someone from V Guard also have gone over the copy and approved a stupid ad such as this.

    Wonder when we will get sensible advertising in this country.

    • That baffles me too. I mean, ads are not approved by one person…. there are multiple teams, presentations and despite so many people involved, this ad could see the light of the day!! Shocking and ridiculous!

  4. To sell the product they can go to any extent. This initially seemed intriguing but lost interest as the ad progressed 😯 😀

  5. I had’nt seen this ad until i came across here.
    How come the censor board certified it? These types of ads acts as licence and triggers for ‘ ‘Road side Romeos’ to act.

    The best the consumers can do is avoid buying Vguard products. Another ad, i detest is that stupid axe deo ad. totally repulsive.

    • Agree, Asha. It gives a message that such acts are acceptable or more like it is their birth right to harass women. True, we must not buy their products at all.

  6. The top managements of companies that put out such advertisements should be asked these questions. They will conveniently pass the buck to some junior(s).

    Of course, when the same companies get awards like ‘Product of the Year’, etc., it’s the top managements who come up on stage to receive the awards.

  7. I am as shocked as you are at the stupidity of this commercial. Whoever thought this one up and whoever approved it, has poor taste. Unfortunately a bad experience stays in the memory forever. There is no shower, no matter how hot, that will erase it.

  8. Indians will just talk, blog, and that is it. They will not do anything about it. We all should boycott this product by not shopping in the store where they sell this. Not watching the TV program where they advertise this product.

    On the other hand, what can we expect when the (illegal) CBI Director, Mr. Ranjit Sinha, says “if you can’t prevent rape, enjoy it”. (want to say more. but will stop because this is a family blog.)

    • Yes, what the CBI Director is equally ridiculous and outrageous. If the law enforcers think, believe, say such things, there is no hope for women!!
      It is not only India… I remember reading sometime back a US senator had claimed that ‘legitimate rape’ rarely leads to pregnancy!! Sick!!
      Yes, not buying products which propagate such messages is the immediate solution!

  9. Having seen this for the first time, I was shocked, to say the least. Especially knowing the founder of this group who is known for his honesty and the values that he uphold in his life. Have sent a message to him in the hope that his is not another pair of feet of clay

  10. It is indeed very offending. I can’t understand what has happened to our country and our countrymen, companies are coming out with ads that treat very important issues in such trivial manner,our ministers and CBI chief opening their mouths when they should just keep quiet, we have Sheila Dixit shooting off comments without thinking, everything is wrong with our country all of a sudden.
    The more we protest, the more we come across such incidents, especially related to women.
    I still can’t get over the ads by Unilever regarding Fair and Lovely.

  11. I have seen this Ad..I found it disgusting.What amazes me is the approval of such idiocity by the clients.
    Talking of Ads…ones I find most interesting are the ones of Idea and I wonder who the agency is

    • Yes, first this ‘idea’ is approved within the agency and then it is approved by the company!! Terribly pathetic!
      Are you talking about the 121 showroom services on phone of Idea? The agency that created this one is Lowe Lintas and Partners.

  12. yes, I find this ad very idiotic too, it gives a message that a woman should keep ignoring all sorts ofpests and wait for the evening to arrive so that a hot water bath would cheer up the mood..very very funny..who conceives such c-grade ads?


  13. I don’t understand it either! Silly ads. But the sad thing is these ads have an impact on people at times. Having a hot shower, may give momentary relaxation I guess. But making harassment sound like a normal thing to do and happen is indeed a worrying trend. 🙁

  14. When I saw this ad, I felt they want women to submit to these things rather than slapping or scolding the abuser. Hence sending a wrong message across! In fact there are many illogical hypothesis this adv industry is creating…
    The caption should have been : ‘Dho Daliye apna Dimag, perfect hot water bath ke saath. V-Guard Water Heaters’. (wash your brains with perfect hot water bath)
    Nice Post!

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